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Ek Deewana Tha 28th November 2017 Episode Written Update

Sharanya is in hospital. She is crying looking at Vyom. Rajan and Madhvi also reach there. They are shocked to see Vyom’s condition. Doc steps out and Rajan asks him about Vyom. Doc tells him to calm down. We are trying our best. Madhvi requests him to save Vyom. Doc repeats what he just said. Rajan offers to pay him heavily. Just save my son. Doc points out that Vyom tried committing suicide. He jumped down from the terrace and is very serious. He goes. Rajan and Madhvi are stunned.

Shiv sits next to Vyom.

Sharanya continues to cry outside. Madhvi angrily walks up to her. Rajan gets up from his seat fearing worse. Bishts enter just then. Madhvi folds her hand before Sharanya. My son did so much for you for 2 years and you wan tto kill him! What’s your enmity with him that

you are not letting him live? Rajan stops her. Madhvi curses Sharanya. You will never be happy. Rajan again tells her to stop it. Sharanya too blames herself for what’s happening with Vyom. I decided to go away frmo Vyom to save his life but he dint let me go. She tells them everything. He jumped from the terrace suddenly. I am responsible for whatever is happening with him.

Rati tells Chandni about Vyom’s accident. he fell down from the college terrace. Rati goes to call her husband. Chandni’s son asks his mother if Vyom will live or not. Chandni asks him if he wants to bet on this too. He smirks. Why not! Rati hears them.

Rajan tells Sharanya not to blame herself for everything. She insists she is at fault but Rajan continues to tell her against it. Madhvi calls him selfish. Vyom is mad to only think about Sharanya. He is on his deathbed today because of her but you are too mean. I know the truth and why you are doing this. I will tell everyone! Rajan ends up slapping her. I am tired of covering up for you. He turns to Sharanya. You want to know why Vyom is in this condition. He calls someone and tells someone to bring someone inside.

Odhni enters. Sharanya is shocked to see her. Mr. Bisht recognizes her. Rajan says she is the one who is brainwashing Sharanya and going away from Vyom. He questions Odhni as to who is making her say such things. Odhni recalls taking money from someone and points at Madhvi. Madhvi calls it a lie. I don’t even know her! Why are you trying to frame me? I don’t know her! Rajan shows her some photos that were taken of the time when Madhvi had paid her money. Their faces are clearly visible. All these pictures are also lying? You are the only one saying truth. Disgusting! Police holds Odhni’s hand but she says I will go on my own. She looks at Madhvi once more before leaving.

Rajan asks Madhvi what kind of a mother she is. You pushed Vyom to his death. You are so cold hearted. You did everything and blamed Sharanya! Your obsession to keep your son with you made him kill himself! If anything had happened to him! What did he do! Mr. Bisht tells him to calm down. Nothing will happen to him. Please take care. Mrs. Bisht comforts Sharanya. She thinks everyone might be pointing at Madhvi aunty but I know he is nearby.

Because of Shiv’s proximity, Vyom’s body begins to turn cold. Doc tells nurse to prepare injection.

Rati asks Vidyut to come to hospital with her. He says I am worried. What will happen to poor Sharanya if anything happens to Vyom? He is looking at Sharanya’s photo. She calls it a sin to even think of this. If Vyom finds out about what you are thinking then don’t know what he will do! He says it is useless to scare me using the name of the one who is on his deathbed! He inches closer to her scaring her.

Sharanya panics. Doc tries his best to save Vyom but fails. It seems difficult to save him. Rajan begs Sharanya to save his son. He always says that you are the blood inside his veins and that you live in him. Go and tell him he has to live. He will only listen to you. My Vyom is leaving me. Save him. I beg you. Mrs. Bisht also asks her to go inside.

Shiv is pleased to see Vyom not reacting to anything. Sharanya and both the families walk inside. Shiv gets upset seeing her. Doc and nurses ask them to leave but Rajan requests them to allow Sharanya to stay back. It has happened many times that belief has failed medical science. I want her to stay here. Doc allows her to stay and sends everyone out. Shiv uses his powers to end Vyom’s life but Sharanya goes to her just then. You saved me and helped me come back to life. You cannot leave me. You used to say that you like your life with me in it. I am right here. Shiv stares at her hand which is joined with Vyom’s hand. Sharanya requests Vyom to get up. Who will save me if I do any other stupidity? Get up and hold my hand please. She cries resting her face on his hand. Shiv takes a step back. Vyom holds onto Sharanya’s hand and starts breathing heavily.

Sharanya smiles in relief which is making Shiv angry. Sharanya holds Vyom. You are fine! Shiv leaves. Sharanya calls out to everyone. They all rush in. Doc calls it a miracle. Rajan says I told you it is only Sharanya who can cure Vyom. She has done it. Shiv is watching Vyom from outside. He notices the fire sign and uses his powers to create a gust of wind there. Lights begin to flicker and even the machines react to the switch in voltage. Sharanya wonders if the spirit is behind it.

Precap: Sharanya senses the presence of the ghost near her. You are behind all this right? You want to say something to me right so why don’t you say it if you want to! You want to hurt me right? You are not brave enough to come in front of me! I wont let you hurt Vyom anymore. I have one solution. She proposes Vyom for marriage.

Update Credit to: Pooja


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