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Ishqbaaz 28th November 2017 Episode Written Update;Svetlana Vows to Break OBros Apart

Ishqbaaz 28th November 2017 Episode starts with Svetlana introducing herself as Svetlana Abhay Singh Oberoi in the press conference. The chandelier starts coming down, Svetlana falls and screams, all get shocked. Rudra tells Anika that she has to use her brain to prove herself against Svetlana.

Rudra says he will think of an idea. Rudra, Bhavya, Gauri, and Anika think of some ideas, Rudra and Bhavya argue, others stop them. Gauri thinks but she cannot think of an idea, suddenly she remembers that Svetlana cannot stay without make-up. Bhavya thinks of adding something to Svetlana’s make-up kit to ruin Svetlana’s make-up. Svetlana overhears and calls them idiots. Omkara comes to Abhay, Omkara warns Abhay about Svetlana, he tells Abhay that this is the biggest mistake of his life.

Abhay thinks if he has made mistake by joining hands with Svetlana. Svetlana thinks of creating trouble for Anika in the party. She brings the chandelier down with remote and laughs about Anika’s fate. Shivaay thinks of ways to find the truth about Svetlana’s video proof, he sees Tej, tries to talk to Tej but Shivaay keeps quiet. Shivaay feels Tej cannot be involved in the Kalyani Mills matter, he thinks of finding the truth. Anika comes all decked up to Shivaay and acts sweet.

Shivaay gets confused, Anika gets closer to Shivaay, he gets conscious. Shivaay asks Svetlana about her plan against Svetlana, Anika kisses on Shivaay’s cheek and calls him PP (Pati Parmeshwar). Shivaay gets conscious, confused and worried about Anika. Gauri, Rudra, and Bhavya wait outside Svetlana’s room, Rudra and Bhavya argue. Svetlana puts the towel to her face, the flashback shows Rudra putting black powder on the towel, Svetlana screams. Rudra, Bhavya, and Gauri get happy and go. In the party, Omkara asks Shivaay if he can handle Svetlana in front of the press, Shivaay assures him. Anika, Gauri, and Rudra feel happy about their plan. Svetlana comes in scarf covered face, all get shocked. Anika asks Svetlana to show her face, everyone supports Anika and ask Svetlana to show her face. Svetlana takes off the scarf and looks flawless, Anika and the team get shocked. Svetlana hugs Anika and insults her by saying that she will get used to losing to Svetlana. Svetlana makes Anika realize that Gauri is missing, Anika runs to check on Gauri. Gauri is locked in her room, Gauri screams for help. Svetlana thanks the media for coming over. Svetlana asks Shivaay to introduce her and Abhay. Shivaay introduces Abhay as their cousin. Svetlana introduces herself as Svetlana Abhay Singh Oberoi. Anika reaches Gauri’s room, Anika tries to open the door but sees a remote on Gauri’s door, Anika tries to remove it, Gauri tells her to be careful. Anika frees Gauri, both check the remote and decide to ask Shivaay. Anika and Gauri reach in the press conference, Svetlana presses a button on her wristwatch, chandelier comes down, Svetlana makes the drama of getting scared and screams, all get shocked. Svetlana says someone is trying to kill her, Svetlana stops the media from leaving and claims that someone is trying to kill her. Svetlana points at Anika carrying the remote, all get shocked. Anika tries to explain, Gauri supports her, Svetlana makes more drama in front of the media. Svetlana questions Shivaay over Anika’s challenge and asks him to punish Anika. Svetlana demands that Anika should be slapped and wants Shivaay to do it. Anika and all get shocked.


Rudra pulls Svetlana, she gets hurt, Svetlana warns Shivaay, Omkara, and Rudra that she will break them apart and destroy them.


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