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Ek Deewana Tha 29th November 2017 Episode Written Update

Shiv steps out of Vyom’s ward angrily. Lights begin to flicker and even the machines react to the switch in voltage. Everyone is boggled to see it. All the patients, visitors and hospital staff are shocked. Doctor asks Sharanya and everyone to leave but she refuses to leave his side. Rajan and Madhvi also stay put. They wheel Vyom out. Madhvi gets hurt. Rajan holds her and takes her aside. Shiv injures Sharanya as well. She sees doc and nurses taking Vyom away and chases them. Everyone is running helter-skelter. Sharanya notices Vyom’s stretcher in a corner and looks on in shock. It is wheeled away in a separate room and it locks on its own. She calls for help but no one is paying heed to her. It begins to snow in that room. Vyom starts shivering as the snow covers him. She keeps shouting

from outside but in vain.

Hospital authorities stop anyone from going inside.

Shiv is also in the room where Vyom is. All efforts of Sharanya to get help for Vyom go in vain. Vyom continues to shiver. She notices a cylinder there and breaks the glass on the door. She manages to open the latch and steps inside. Shiv sees her worrying for Vyom. All the machines have turned ice cold. Ice daggers form on the ceiling. One of them is about to fall on Vyom but she covers him. Everything becomes normal the second she opens her eyes. She checks Vyom’s heartbeat. She hears the sound of wind inside and feels the cold air. This isn’t my imagination but truth. I know you are here only. You want to scare me right? Shiv is watching her from outside. Sharanya looks in his direction and goes outside to confront him. The corridor is deserted. Only the lights are flickering. She seems scared but walks in the direction of where Shiv is. She suddenly feels the strange whiff in the air again and feels cold. This isn’t my imagination. You are right here in front of me! You are a secret of my life which I know yet I don’t know! You are behind all this right? Why are you after me? I know you are hurting Vyom so you can reach me! What do you want from me? You want to hurt me right? This cold, the smell of stargazers and Kapali Hills! You want to say something to me right so why don’t you say it if you want to! You want to kill Vyom right? I have understood that Vyom wont let me go away from him while you cannot see me with him. I wont let you hurt Vyom anymore. I have a solution!

Both the families reach there. Are you and Vyom alright? She stands there quietly while they throng her with many questions at once. Where is Vyom? She simply goes inside the room where Vyom is. Vyom also gains conscious. Bedi’s and Bisht’s too come in. Vyom looks at Sharanya. Are you alright? Sharanya proposes Vyom for marriage. Everyone is pleasantly surprised. Sharanya says this is what you wanted. Now I also want this. Madhvi looks dejected. Sharanya points out that he has become her best friend and Ramu Kaka. Will you become my life partner? Will you marry me? He says if I wasn’t lying on stretcher then I would have lifted you in my arms and took you to temple right away! Yes, I will marry you! Madhvi looks shocked. Rajan blesses Sharanya. You have made us really happy. Mrs. Bisht tells Vyom she is very happy to see his love win. Rajan says they are made for each other. Rajan and Mr. Bedi share a hug. Vyom extends his hand towards Sharanya who immediately holds his hand. She looks in the direction of the corridor worriedly.

Sharanya wheels Vyom out of the hospital. Ward boys help her. He keeps looking back at her. She tells him to look ahead. He says there should be rear mirror in wheelchair so I can look behind. Did you take this decision from your heart? Will you change your decision? She points out that she has proposed him herself. I don’t break my promise ever. He wants to ask her another thing but she tells him to answer her question now. She kneels down before him and proposes him. Will you be mine? Vyom looks at her sweetly and nods. They share an eye lock. Vidyut looks at them. Shall we go home if you are done? Vyom calls him Kabab Mein Haddi. Vidyut calls it his favourite game. Everyone is waiting for you at home. Vyom nods. They are waiting for their DIL. Vidyut nods. A lot. Vidyut and Sharanya help Vyom sit in the car. Vidyut keeps his hand over Sharanya’s while doing so. She notices it. She is about to sit on the front seat when she notices the cold wind around her. Shiv is standing very close to her.

Precap: Sharanya meets that lady in temple again. I listened to you. I am marrying him. She advises her to marry before Surya-grahan. If it happens even a moment later then he wont live to the see the next minute.

Update Credit to: Pooja


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