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Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 29th November 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Rishi thinking Tanuja must be missing him and that’s why thrown the anklet. He says God has sent him at right time to catch it so that he can give the anklet to her. He then thinks he will make her wear anklet when they will be together at his house. Maasi calls at Rishi’s house landline, but nobody picks the call. She thinks if she has done mistake by calling her.

Beeji asks Raj to sit and says she will tell him stories. Raj says I heard, don’t know whose call it was. Maasi calls again and says she called before also. She says she called them to personally invite them for Abhi and Tanuja’s wedding. Raj says we can’t come. Maasi asks them to understand and says you all shall come as you are her family. Raj refuses. Beeji asks him to call Maasi. He calls Maasi.

Beeji takes the call and says we all will come for the big occasion. Maasi thanks her and says it will be fun now.

Raj asks Beeji why she wants to go. Beeji says she wants to give company to Rishi and asks Raj to see how much Rano is happy seeing Tanuja leaving Rishi and marrying AK. Rano smiles.

Rishi thinks how to eat food as his finger is wounded. Tanuja comes there and says your finger is hurt. He says yes. Tanuja goes and then returns, and feeds him with her hand. Tere bina song plays…..Rishi smiles and recalls the past. Rishi is food is over so soon and thanks her for the care and says you knew that I haven’t had anything since morning. I like it. Tanuja says I was taking revenge on you. Rishi laughs and says I will kiss your hand, and asks her to kiss his hand tomorrow to settle the scores. Tanuja goes as he tries to kiss her hand.

Rishi organizes the decoration. Myra and Maasi likes it. Maasi says AK will be happy. Rishi thinks he has done the decoration for tonight and says life will change today. He asks them to go and wear something s..y. Myra asks Rishi to promise and asks him not to create any scene during engagement. Rishi says AK is lucky as he has sister and I am more lucky as I have manpreet. She asks if engagement will be fine. Rishi says whatever is destined will happen and thinks he and Tanuja will get engaged.

Rano provokes Netra against Tanuja and asks her to fight for her right and convince Rishi.
Natasha comes to Rishi and asks what is happening today at house. Rishi says it is an engagement day/promise day. Natasha asks who is promising today. Rishi says he is going to promise Tanuja. Natasha asks then if I will stay with you then with Mamma. Rishi says yes. Abhishek comes and tells her that he bought dress to wear in engagement. Natasha gets happy and says she knows what is engagement. Abhishek asks what? Rishi says if Natasha tells anything to AK then he will tell Tanuja and she will get upset with her.

Just then Tanuja comes and calls Natasha. She asks her to have food. AK says you said that you didn’t get invitation card and give invite to her. Natasha gives card to Rishi and asks what is the matter. She asks Tanuja to stand with AK. They stand together. Natasha looks at them. AK says she wants to see how we look as a couple. Natasha says you looks good with Mamma, but then turns to Rishi and says you looks best with her. Natasha asks him to marry Tanuja. Rishi promises her and thinks nobody knows what is going to happen.

Rishi tells Tanuja that if she wears engagement ring then he will go away from her life.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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