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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th November 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Kartik asking Naira is she feeling cold. They wear jackets. Naksh and Kirti go to have some drinks. Police follows. Aryan asks them to find Kartik. Officer says I know my job. The boat reaches the harbor. Police checks the people. Aryan thinks Kartik will get caught now. He gets shocked seeing someone else and says its not Naira and Kartik. He asks police to check boat well. They don’t find Kartik.

Bau ji says it will be good if we don’t tell this to Bhabhimaa and Baisa. Devyaani says yes. He says police will arrest Kartik when he comes here, Akshara and Naitik were not happy in Cape town as they had our sorrow there, Naitik faced troubles in Switzerland too, we will never send children away. He cries. Aryan says how can this happen, where did Kartik

go. Kartik and Naira come out of the waters. She shivers. He says sorry, I forgot to take ferry ticket, I thought this is safe option. Naksh and Kirti come and give them towels. Naira says Kartik is mad, he thinks he is cool. Kirti takes her. Naksh says thank God, you reached safely. Kartik says they have my photo, what shall I do. He gets Manish’s call. Manish asks are you fine. Kartik says its fine now. Manish asks did anything happen. Kartik tells everything.

FB shows Naksh seeing police and messaging Kartik. Kartik borrows binoculars and sees police at the port. Naira asks whom are you seeing, I m here, who is it. He says its no one, just for experience, don’t doubt on me. He messages Naksh to meet at beach side. He says Naira we have to jump right away. She asks what. They jump in the water. FB ends. Manish says don’t worry, I will manage, don’t put pictures on social media accounts. Kartik says fine, but if Naira… Naira asks him to come fast, they have to change clothes, its too cold. Kartik says I will go and ends call. Manish says I won’t let anything happen to Kartik, we have to find Goyal, come Akhilesh. They leave.

Dadi prays and cries. Suwarna says nothing wrong will happen with us. Aryan says till when will you get saved Kartik, its not a big city that I can’t find you. Naksh says Kartik, you shouldn’t come out till this matter gets solved. Kartik says no, I came on holiday with Naira for the first side, I care for her happiness, police can arrest me some day, if she is happy, its enough for me. Naksh says fine, I m with you, you need to be careful. Kartik says who is framing me in false case. Naksh says who can it be, we will find out, we will get some clue, remember we are in foreign land. Kartik says yes, I can’t spoil Naira’s fun, promise you won’t tell her. Naira comes and asks what are they talking. Kartik says nothing. They leave.

Manish tells inspector that Kartik is innocent. Inspector says how to believe that you are not saving your son. Manish says we can’t trap anyone else to save Kartik, just investigate the matter. Akhilesh says yes, try to find truth. Manish complains about Goyal and gives the documents. Inspector says fine, we will show this to our expert. Aryan says police is finding Kartik, I will get you in jail soon. Kartik and Naira buy some brownies and eat. They get inebriated by alcohol content. He asks the man what was there in brownies. Naira laughs. Kartik says it went wrong Naira, these brownies have alcohol, we will get really drunk now. They laugh. Kirti and Naksh have a talk. He says whatever life does is for our happiness. He hopes everything goes right with Kartik.

Kartik and Naira walk on the roads and chatter. She tells a plan and irritates a man. The man says I will call police. Naira says call police, we are not scared. Kartik says no Naira, police shouldn’t come, sorry Sir, police will catch me, Manish said we have to get saved. She laughs. He asks her to run. They run. Aryan looks for Kartik. Chukar gai….plays…. Kartik and Naira have fun and sweet moments. They dance and enjoy.

Police arrests Kartik and takes him. Naira shouts Kartik and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena


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