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Ishqbaaz 30th November 2017 Episode Written Update;Shivaay Becomes SSO!

Ishqbaaz 30th November 2017 Episode starts with Svetlana pushing Anika and threatening to kill everyone. Rudra fires Bhavya from her job and tells her to leave. Some time back… Anika goes in the CCTV camera room and checks on ShivOmRu.

Anika gets shocked to see the bomb in Rudra’s jacket. Anika decides to help out Shivaay, Anika hopes to get a hint from Shivaay. Shivaay realizes Anika’s presence in CCTV room, Shivaay holds his phone in a particular way and puts wrong password to indicate to Anika. Anika thinks and realizes that the lock of bomb attached to Rudra’s jacket can be opened by a password. Anika thinks how to get password from Svetlana. Svetlana goes in Tej’s office and thinks that Oberoi family’s destruction should start from Tej’s office, she drops Tej and Jhanvi’s photo.

Anika opens the cabin, rubs orange peel on the door handle and runs away, Svetlana run to the door to check, Anika hides. Svetlana thinks that Shivaay has appointed someone to be after her, Svetlana activates the bomb to scared ShivOmRu, Anika sees the password entered by Svetlana. Svetlana screams at Shivaay for acting smart, Shivaay refuses her claims. Shivaay warns Svetlana that if something happens to Rudra, he will kill her. Svetlana tells Shivaay to keep following her instructions. Svetlana comes out and thinks this much dose to scare ShivOmRu was enough, she deactivates the bomb.

Anika comes in front of Svetlana and instigates Svetlana. Anika tells Svetlana to catch her and runs, Svetlana follows her. Svetlana catches Anika. Shivaay hopes that Anika would something to save Rudra. Svetlana brings Anika in Shivaay’s cabin, Svetlana screams at Shivaay. Svetlana tells Anika to keep quiet, Anika demands to talk to Shivaay. Anika tells Shivaay that their story is getting over, Anika makes up a story around the password. Svetlana pushes Anika and takes out bomb remote, tells everyone to get ready to die. Anika pushes Svetlana, remote goes away, Shivaay gets the password, Shivaay and Omkara open Rudra’s jacket and the bomb, Anika and Svetlana fight for the remote, Shivaay throws the bomb away. Rudra hugs Shivaay and Omkara. Svetlana runs away. Rudra thanks Anika, Omkara and Rudra get surprised by Shivaay and Anika’s way of code communication. Shivaay and Anika explain it to Omkara and Rudra. Rudra gives an award to Shivaay and Anika. Shivaay, Omkara and Anika return to Oberoi Mansion, Oberoi family gets worried and questions Shivaay, Omkara and Anika. Shivaay tells Rudra has gone to meet his friends to feel better. Shivaay says till the time they are together nobody can harm them, Shivaay says he will handle Svetlana, Shivaay reminds Omkara about his exhibition in Germany. Bhavya comes running to Rudra while he is with his friends, Bhavya gets worried about Rudra, Rudra tells Bhavya not to act, he gets angry with Bhavya for not being present for the duty. Bhavya gets a call from Manav, Rudra gets angry. Shivaay comes to Svetlana, she apologizes to Shivaay and says she is leaving. Shivaay tells Svetlana to come to the point, Shivaay doesn’t believe her. Svetlana tells Shivaay to take the videotape of Kalyani Mills and asks Shivaay to play video. The video shows Svetlana. Rudra screams at Bhavya for talking to Manav, Bhavya tells Rudra to be careful with his words or else he may repent later. Rudra fires Bhavya from the job and tells Bhavya to leave and never to meet him again. Bhavya says she will never forget what Rudra has done with her, she says she is leaving Rudra’s job with her own will. Bhavya says she doesn’t want to work with immature person like Rudra. Bhavya feels sad that Rudra never tried to find the other side of the truth.


Shivaay thinks the decision is difficult, can break his family’s trust in him but he has to take the decision. Shivaay decides to be good old SSO.


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