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Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 30th November 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Rishi’s family coming to Tanuja’s home. Maasi gets glad seeing Beeji and asks Myra to tell Tanuja that all Bedi family came. Tania goes to Natasha. Beeji asks Manpreet where is Rishi? Manpreet asks her to wait and watch for the time wheel. Beautician helps Tanuja gets ready and says happiness is missing from your face and gives her best wishes. Tanuja gets upset. Tere bina plays…AK looks at her. Tania tells her that her mum said that her parents are getting engaged. Natasha says yes and asks her not to eat her mind. Myra tells Beeji that AK is coming with Tanuja. Beeji asks Manpreet to tell what is his plan. Manpreet asks her to wait and watch. He asks Manoj about Pandit ji and says you know naa what to be done. Manoj says yes. AK brings Tanuja. Kal ho na ho plays….Beeji

blesses Tanuja.

AK introduces her to his friend Kinshuk. Kinshuk says there must be something special about you. Tanuja looks around for Rishi. Rishi looks at her from far moving the curtains. She sees him and thinks to do as he is coming towards her. Tere bina plays….Rishi goes then. She then where is he? Just now he was here. Waiter comes and she collides with him as she turns, something falls on her dupatta. AK scolds the waiter. Tanuja goes to wash her dupatta. AK thinks if she will return. Tanuja sees Rishi and thinks she thought he was there. He is standing infront of her and asks if she is searching her. He says I was standing far and looking at you and was checking if you will miss me when I am not around you. Tanuja says I was not missing you. Rishi says chal jhuti and says we both miss each other a lot.

Tanuja says I don’t like past births talks, lovey talks etc. Rishi asks then why there is pain in our yes. Tanuja says she is marrying Abhishek now and don’t care about him. Rishi says you will be mine, cutie pie, my jaana everything, but once Abhishek makes you wear ring, I will not look at you. Beeji tells Ahana that Tanuja will not come and might have ran away as she is Rishi’s Tanuja. Ahana says Manpreet haven’t told her anything, but she has faith on Rishi and he will do something. Rishi says once he goes, he will not return or call her or miss her. He says who knows kal ho na ho. Tanuja says nothing will happen tomorrow as I will be getting Abhishek soon. Rishi thinks to use formula no. 420. He calls Manpret and says they have to work on second plan.

Rishi proposes Tanuja for marriage with a ring. Tanuja refuses and says she is marrying Abhishek.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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