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Tu Aashiqui 30th November 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Ahaan seeing Aparna and Sheetal coming. Aparna asks him did he find the truth. Ahaan doesn’t say. He holds Pankti’s hand and says I will not send her home. Aparna asks Pankti to come with them, Manav and JD are waiting at home. Ahaan says no, Pankti can’t come our home, we will go somewhere else. Sheetal asks why. Aparna asks him to answer. Pankti says no, I can’t come. Sheetal says we will talk to your mum. Pankti says no, I just came to meet Ahaan, I shall leave. JD says why did Sheetal go, we would have gone, if Ahaan meets Sheetal, he will tell her everywhere. Manav asks what will Ahaan say. JD says he will say why he didn’t go Dubai.

JD hears the car horn. He goes to open the door. He sees Aparna and Sheetal getting Ahaan. Ahaan recalls his words seeing

him. JD asks him to come. He gets shocked seeing Pankti. JD recalls Ahaan’s warnings. Ahaan holds her hand and takes her inside the house. JD looks on. Manav stops Ahaan. He asks Ahaan why is Pankti here at this time. Sheetal says she will stay here tonight, Aparna take her to guest room. Aparna takes Pankti. Pankti sees Ahaan and signs him. She leaves his hand and goes. Manav asks Ahaan are you drink, why did you not go Dubai. Sheetal says we will talk in morning, this is not the right time. She asks Ahaan to sleep. JD says things will begin to spoil now.

Aparna asks Pankti to feel like home and tell her if she wants anything.. She says I don’t know your problems, but I know Ahaan is very stubborn, he will make your problems away, else your second family is there. Ahaan comes to wish good night. Aparna goes. Ahaan asks her not to get scared, he will be in next room. He thanks her for help. She says I felt I m helping myself. He smiles. Saansein meri……plays…. he says good night, take care and leaves.

Aparna asks Ahaan about the man because of whom Pankti’s life had problems, who is he. She says you got to know him right, that’s why you didn’t go Dubai, tell me. He recalls JD. She asks don’t you want to tell me. He says I m getting much sleep. She says I can’t see sleep in your eyes, go and change, I will get lemon water.

JD asks Sheetal why did she get Pankti home. She asks him is Pankti a thing for him, what language is he using. He says I mean what will her family think if she spends a night here. She says I have informed Anita that Pankti is here, she will come tomorrow to talk, she couldn’t come now, as she had party in her home, it was Pankti’s birthday today.

Aparna understands Ahaan is hiding something. She tells him that it may get late if he hides things and call for a loss. She leaves. He says its already late mom, I did much late in knowing Pankti’s sorrow. Sheetal asks JD about his party. He says it was fine, why is Anita coming here. She says you are nervous as if she is coming to talk about his alliance. He laughs and says I meant to ask if Anita is coming to talk about Ahaan and Pankti’s alliance, their affair can end, why to make it official. She says Ahaan is not like that, he is a serious lover, I have another motive to meet Anita, there is a reason that Ahaan cancelled his Dubai plan, he has got drunk today, I will find out, no one can change my mind now, Ahaan and his love came home safe, we will get a peaceful sleep. JD worries.

Pankti gets scolded by JD again. He goes to catch her neck. Ahaan comes in between.

Update Credit to: Amena


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