Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th November 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Naira asking Kartik to switch off the fan and AC. Kartik calls Lord and asks him to switch off AC, his newly wed bride is feeling cold. He tells Naira that Lord is saying how can your wife feel cold when you are there. She asks did Lord say this. He says no, wrong number was dialled, some uncle said this, come close, you won’t feel cold. They laugh.

Naksh gets Kirti somewhere and says I will show you my true self today, I want to bring Krishna here in Greece, I took this place on rent for some time. They cook together. Tu hi meri roshni hai…..plays….. His finger gets cut. She worries. He jokes. He asks her to taste the food. She says its perfect, nothing can be more perfect than this food and this…..

Inspector says we will find

Goyal, but it doesn’t mean we will not arrest Kartik, we have to present him in court. Akhilesh says why did Goyal do this. Manish says maybe someone used him against us. Akhilesh says why would be bribe the officer, maybe some business rival did this, Manish says I wish this matter sorts out, Kartik and Naira come back happily.

Naira asks why did we run. Kartik says police is after me, someone filed case against me, that I bribed an officer. She asks who did this case, no one can harm you, I promise, nothing can happen to you when I m here, I will not spare police. They hug. He says I m scared, if police really arrests me. She asks him to give his fear to her. She throws his fear away. They laugh. He says everything will be perfect. They dance. He says everything will be perfect, isn’t it. She smiles. They lie down there.

Suwarna gets a message. She asks Manish why did you not take medicines till now. He hugs her and says will Kartik get arrested, Greek police is informed, we couldn’t find Goyal. She asks him not to worry, their sons… He asks sons? She hugs him and cries. He asks what happened. She says my brother lost his son, the son who is…. He gets a call and goes. She thinks she was mad to tell Manish, she should handle herself.

Kartik wakes up and sees Naira. They get shocked seeing police. Police arrests Kartik. Naira asks what happened, what did we do. She stops officers and asks them to tell what happened. Aryan looks on and smiles. He recalls finding Kartik and informing police.

Naira says if we did mistake, we will pay a fine. She asks Kartik what did he do. Kartik is taken by them. Manish asks Goyal why did you do this. Inspector asks Goyal not to lie, why did he bribe the officer, Greek police can arrest Kartik anytime. Goyal recalls Aryan’s words.

Naira asks Kartik what happened. Kartik says I can’t tell you, so sorry, call Naksh or Manish, sorry, please control yourself. He leaves with the police. Naira shouts Kartik and cries. Aryan smiles. He gets worried seeing Naira crying and stops. He leaves. Naira goes to call Naksh. Goyal says that money got stolen, I was scared and went away, I m sorry. Naksh asks what. Naira says police arrested Kartik. She looks for taxi. She sees Aryan and gets shocked. She follows him and sees him with officers. Naksh and Kirti come and ask her if she is fine. She says yes, Kartik knew this would happen with him, you know this too, so he asked me to tell you. He says someone accused him for bribe, so Manish asked him to get saved from police, someone else informed police, police was finding Kartik even yesterday, someone is keeping an eye on Kartik. Naira says I think Aryan did this, I have seen him here. They get shocked.

She says nothing can happen to my Kartik till I m here. Aryan celebrates for making impossible possible. He says why did Suwarna give birth to me if she had to leave me, she made Kartik a prince, she made me a criminal, this hatred made me such, Suwarna is the reason for this. Naira calls Manish and says police arrested Kartik. He gets shocked. She says no need to hide anything now. He asks when did this happen. She says calm down, do something, I want to meet Kartik, find out about Aryan. He asks why Aryan. She says I think he has done all this. He asks what, Aryan? He gets angry.

Kartik is put in lockup. Kartik says I m sure you will save me Naira. Naira, Naksh and Kirti try to meet Kartik. Officer doesn’t allow. Naksh gets angry. Kirti calms him. He asks Naira to stay with Kartik, he will find Aryan. Kirti asks but how will we find him, any info or clue. Naira recalls and says I have seen tourist company name on his tshirt, maybe he works for them. Naksh and Kirti leave.

Naira and Kartik cry and hold the door separating them.

Update Credit to: Amena


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