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EK Deewana Tha Spoiler: Shiv’s Thirst For Revenge Intensifies; Danger to Vyom’s Life

The upcoming episode of Sony TV’s romantic thriller Ek Deewana Tha is up for some shocking twist in tale amid Vyom and Sharanya’s relationship. Shiv starts creating trouble for Odhni. Odhni feels his presence everywhere and decides to tell the truth to Sharanya and Vyom.

Till now Rajan was hiding his ugly truth behind Shiv’s death. Rajan used his powers and wealth to hide Shiv’s death mystery. Besides, he knew about the spooky things happening around Sharanya and thus he wanted her to marry Vyom. Meanwhile, Odhni decides to tell Vyom and Sharnya about Shiv and their past while Rajan stops her. Odhni warns Rajan saying that his past is back and he will kill Vyom. Will Rajan let Odhni reveal the truth or will he stop her again? Lets wait and watch for more mystery to unveil.


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