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Ishqbaaz 1st December 2017 Episode Written Update

Ishqbaaz 1st December 2017 Episode starts with Shivaay asking Anika if she will trust him if he does something wrong, Anika says Shivaay can never do anything wrong and she will always be with him. Shivaay feels with his actions his family might lose the trust in him, he thinks he needs to be SSO again.

Some time back… Oberoi family waits for Shivaay, as Shivaay comes everyone asks if he told Svetlana to leave, Shivaay says Svetlana will leave next morning, everyone feels better. Omkara senses Shivaay’s tension, Rudra comes, Shivaay hugs him. Omkara asks Shivaay what is bothering him, Shivaay asks them if they trust him, Omkara and Rudra say that they trust him more than anything. Shivaay tells Omkara and Rudra to promise him that whatever he will say will remain amid three of them, OmRu promise him.

Shivaay tells OmRu the truth, they join hands with each other. Later in the night, Anika senses Shivaay’s tension and questions him, Shivaay says he was always afraid that if something happens to him, who will look after the family, but the way Anika took care of bomb situation, he is relieved that Anika can look after the family even if Shivaay is not there. Anika gets annoyed with Shivaay’s talk and says she can’t live without Shivaay. Shivaay says till they are together no one can harm them.

Anika says they can fight any trouble together, Shivaay hugs Anika. Gauri checks on Omkara’s packing. Omkara comes to Gauri, she gives him the instructions, Omkara holds Gauri’s hands and pulls her into a hug, both share a moment. Shivaay asks Anika that if he makes any mistake, will she trust him and support him. Anika says Shivaay can never do anything wrong and that she is always with him. Anika asks Shivaay about the thing bothering him, Shivaay feels unable to say it, Anika lets Shivaay take him time and feels that Shivaay can never do anything wrong. Omkara promises Gauri that next time he will take Gauri with him, Gauri blushes as Omkara comes close to her. The alarm goes on, Omkara tells Gauri that she forgot to pack an important thing and shows her photo, both hug. Gauri gets emotional, Omkara says he will meet her in the dreams, Jhanvi comes, both get conscious, Jhanvi tells Omkara that he should have his own art studio and that she has finalized 2 – 3 places. Jhanvi feels Omkara should be the biggest artist, Omkara and Jhanvi hug. Shivaay and Rudra stay awake to see off Omkara, Rudra feels sleepy. Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra hug, Omkara sees Gauri, Shivaay says not to worry about Gauri. Omkara tells Gauri to smiles and leaves. In the morning, Rudra gets a call and he gets shocked. Rudra comes down and sees Manav. Manav says he has come to look for Bhavya as she has gone missing, Rudra gets annoyed and tells Manav that he has fired Bhavya. Rudra tells Manav that Bhavya and Manav being husband and wife should sort out their issues, Manav gets confused. Manav tells Rudra that Bhavya is not his wife, because of Rudra’s drama Bhavya broke her marriage. Rudra gets a massive shock, Manav scolds Rudra for all his actions towards Bhavya. Manav says he is going to look for Bhavya. Rudra remembers his actions and words towards Bhavya and feels sorry. Rudra sees a girl like Bhavya in the park and tells her that he made a mistake and he has feelings for her. Rudra says he cares for her and asks for a chance to rectify everything, Rudra says he cannot live without her. The girl turns and Rudra gets shocked to see Soumya in place of Bhavya. Soumya gets teary eyed, Soumya hugs Rudra. Soumya says she knows Bhavya as she was in touch with Chubby. Rudra says everything is over between him and Bhavya, Soumya consoles Rudra and says she will help Rudra to find Bhavya, Rudra feels happy. Shivaay thinks he has to take the difficult path for his family, his family will lose the trust with his actions, but he has to become the good old SSO.


Oberoi family asks Shivaay why Svetlana has not left, Jhanvi tells Svetlana to leave, Shivaay says Svetlana will stay with them.


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