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Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 1st Dec 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Tanuja returning back. AK gets happy and thinks thank god, she returned. Maasi thinks where is pandit ji and goes to call him. Rishi and Manpreet warn Pandit and asks him to read the mantra of engagement or marriage. Pandit ji reads it which Rishi records in his phone. Manpreet asks Pandit ji to tell that Rohit threatened him. Myra comes and asks him to come as engagement mahurat came. Maasi greets Pandit ji and asks where is he? Pandit asks about the girl. She points at Tanuja. Rano thinks once Tanuja gets engaged, everything will be ok. Tanuja goes towards Rishi and recalls his words. AK is surprised. Maasi asks Pandit to start the rituals. Tanuja thinks about custody case and about AK. She is about to make him wear the ring, but just then Natasha and Tania come there and ring
falls from Tanuja’s hand. AK tells Ahana to be with Tanuja and goes to check fuse. Rano tells Netra that Rishi is behind this and asks her to go and hold his hand. Netra goes and holds his hand.

Rishi thinks his mom is his big enemy and thinks Manpreet took out fuse to make light come in my life. Just then he sees AK and hides. AK checks fuse and thinks it is missing and calls Security. Rishi asks Netra to leave his hand. Natasha comes and asks Rishi to leave Netra’s hand and says she wants to be befriend Netra. Rishi signs Ahana as she has send Netra. Tanuja looks at them and asks Ahana why do you always support Rishi. Ahana says I support you, but you shall be with Rishi. Just then Rishi comes there and takes Tanuja from there.

AK asks if there is someone and is about to move the curtain when Beeji shouts for help. AK says I will come Beeji and goes. Manpreet comes out and thinks Beeji saved him.

Rishi takes Tanuja to room. Tanuja says if light comes then I will be in problem. Rishi says if you get engaged then see. Tanuja says what is new in this. Tanuja says just sometime back, you said that you will not come to me once I get engaged to AK. Rishi says I am threatening you now and then requests her not to marry AK and says he is your friend of sorrow and happiness, but I am your Rishi. He asks her not to get engaged to him. Tanuja says you are a selfish man and thinks about just yourself, don’t care about my happiness, what I wants. Rishi says our love is our identity and asks her to understand. Tanuja asks him not to talk filmy. Rishi tells her that he accepts that he has done mistakes, but he always loved her and only her. He asks her to trust and give him a chance. Tanuja says our life is different now, we are not made for each other and our destiny is not related to each other.

Rishi proposes Tanuja with a ring. Tanuja is shocked and says I can’t do this as I am marrying Abhishek.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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