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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st December 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Naira waiting for a message. She sees the window. She goes there. Kartik says I have complete faith in you Naira, don’t worry, I m fine. Manish says maybe Naira will get permission to meet Kartik, I spoke in embassy. Inspector says we got to know Kartik got arrested. Manish and Akhilesh tell him about Aryan. Inspector asks what’s this new info. Manish says we are trying to help you,talk to Goyal, maybe Aryan has done this.

Naira acts to talk on phone and asks is anybody there. Kartik hears her and responds by coughing. She hears him and cries. He asks officer for water. Naira says I m here Kartik. Kartik thanks officer. He goes to the window bars. They hold the window and cry. Chukar gai……plays…..

Naksh and Kirti ask some people

about Aryan. Aryan passes by. They miss to see him. Goyal lies that he didn’t see the robber. His note falls down. A man says Sir, your money. Manish looks at Goyal. Naira asks Naksh did he find anything. Kirti says no, we tried a lot, did you meet Kartik. Naira says they are not agreeing. She gets a message and says I can meet Kartik, I got the permission. She goes. Kirti asks how will we find Aryan. Naksh says don’t know. He takes help from an inspector. Akhilesh keeps the note and says its our bank account seal. Manish says but its not my money. They stare at Goyal.

Naira meets Kartik and cries. He apologizes to her. He says I wanted to tell you everything but.. she says no need to say anything, Naksh told me everything, you are mad, is my happiness imp than your safety, anyway don’t be sad, we came to Greece together and we will go together, we have to romance and shop, and lot more. He says yes, there is lot more to do, I m stuck here, its all because of me, sorry. She says you are tigress’ husband, how can you lose courage. He says this frog can’t stay without his tigress. She says you won’t stay here, trust me, we are trying to find Aryan. He asks Aryan. She says we are here because of Aryan. Manish asks inspector to check note series. Inspector says its same. Manish and Akhilesh ask Goyal how did he get this money, say the truth. Manish says you can’t imagine what my son means to me and what I can do to save him. Goyal says I didn’t do anything, Aryan did this. Kartik says Aryan did this. She says Aryan can’t hide by trapping you in this false case. Officer asks her to leave, meeting time is over. They cry and hold hands. Maine socha bhi nai tha…. plays…. She leaves.

She gets a call from Manish. He says police arrested Goyal, he accepted his crime, he said its Aryan’s plan, he will be arrested too, Goyal said something strange, Aryan gave Goyal his share and gave the money to the officer who was handling Kartik’s tender, his motive is not clear, we will know it when he gets arrested, you stay alert, just call me when you see him. She says thanks, I will find him. He wishes her all the best.

Kirti asks how is Kartik. Naira signs. They tell Naira about an officer helping them about Aryan. Officer says I have found Aryan and shows pic. Naira says this is not that Aryan. He says but there is just one Aryan in our records. Naira says why is he not in records, we can show him a picture and match. He scans the picture. She says yes, he is the one, but his name is…. A man calls Aryan as Shubham. Aryan says have this drink, I m going back, my work got over here, even if if boss throws me out, I don’t care. He says now save your only son Mr and Mrs Goenka. Naira says his real name is Shubham, he was lying to us. Naksh says he was be preparing to leave. Kirti says police can’t arrest him. Officer asks them to give a proof. Naksh says yes, they can arrest him if we give a proof. Naira says I have an idea. She calls Manish and asks him to listen carefully.

Manish says Naira has a plan by which Kartik can be proved innocent. Aryan bids bye to Greece. He gets Goyal’s call. Goyal asks him to be careful, police is finding us, else we will get caught. Aryan scolds him. He says Kartik is arrested, I m going back, you also run away, don’t call me again. Goyal turns to Manish and inspector. Naira gets a message and says here is the proof. She asks officer to read this.

She says now indian police will contact you. Officer goes and gets Kartik. Naira hugs him and cries. He thanks them. The family makes a video call to Kartik and ask him is he fine. Kartik says yes, thank you all, I m most thankful to Naira, she didn’t lose courage and didn’t let my courage break. Manish asks them not to leave Aryan. Akhilesh says he told us wrong name. Naira says we will find out. Kartik asks them not to worry. Dadi and everyone get angry on Aryan. Suwarna prays that her other son gets found. She gets her brother’s call. He says he has messaged that he is fine and he will return after becoming something, his friend said he went abroad, sorry for troubling you. She says its fine, thank God, we got to know about him. Surekha says Dadi asked us to make sweets as Kartik’s problem got solved, it will be fun once Aryan gets caught. Suwarna says yes, he will surely get caught.

Kartik and Naira see Aryan boarding a bus. Kartik shouts Aryan…. Aryan gets shocked seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena


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