Ek Deewana Tha

Ek Deewana Tha 4th December 2017 Episode Written Update

Odhni asks Rajan if he thinks Vyom and Sharanya will live happily together. Rajan nods. I trust my son. he will win Sharanya. Odhni wonders how some people can lie to themselves. They become so selfish and don’t want to get out of their fake world. Rajan tells her to remember she was paid to act. She refuses to act anymore. Sharanya came to me to seek help. I will help her and I will surely tell the truth to Sharanya and Vyom. Rajan asks her what she will tell them. Odhni says there is indeed a spirit behind Sharanya. He can hurt Vyom certainly. Rajan calls it Sharanya’s illusion but she denies. He has come. He is around us and hates! He wont let them come close. It will be a disaster! Rajan stays put. Neither I nor Sharanya will believe this story. No one can come between Sharanya and

Vyom. Odhni feels as if he knows about this past. I feel as if you are one of the broken links here. Madhvi overhears them. Odhni asks Rajan if he has some connection to it. Rajan warns her to stop talking nonsense. Get out or you will become past tomorrow. I am Rajan Bedi. I can do that very easily. Just get lost. Madhvi thinks Rajan will ruin her son’s life for his own selfish reasons. I cannot become a part of my son’s destruction! She sits in her car.

Rajan walks across Shiv. Shiv looks puzzled.

Sharanya is wheeling Vyom when she begins to feel cold. She senses Shiv’s presence around. I know you are here. You cannot do anything. I wont let anything happen to Vyom. Vyom asks her if she said something. She denies. He smiles. Shiv looks at Sharanya who is looking around worriedly. He walks beside her as she wheels Vyom inside.

Sharanya asks her mother if they should start the ceremony. Chandni smiles. She wasn’t ready earlier and now she seems to be in so much rush. Sharanya looks around tensed. Vyom tells her fear does not suit her. Rest assured. I am fine now. Now that we are together, that ghost cannot harm us in any way. Shiv removes the earring from Sharanya’s ear. It falls down. She notices the resemblance in one of the previous incident. Mrs. Bisht asks Sharanya to change her earrings. Sharanya is reluctant but Chandni insists. Vyom also nods at her. She goes upstairs. Shiv thinks of her conversation with Vyom.

Vidyut asks Vyom what magic has he cast on Sharanya that she is reluctant to leave his side even for a second. Rati looks at them. Vyom says I told you it is my love which will take time but it will surely bloom!

Sharanya is wearing her earring when the lights begin to flicker. It turns normal when she turns. She looks in the mirror again. This time she sees a shadow on the window curtain. When she turns, electricity goes off.

Aditya goes to check the fuse. Sharanya’s mother asks Sharanya if she is fine. Sharanya replies that she is. Her mother tells her to bring ring with her. Sharanya agrees. She lights a candle and looks at the ring. Shiv watches her looking at the ring. A smile appears on Sharanya’s face as she holds the ring. You don’t just worry about me Vyom. You know my likes and dislikes well. So beautiful! Light comes back. She keeps the ring near the candle. Mrs. Bisht comes there. She asks about the ring. Sharanya points at the table but the ring has disappeared. Mrs. Bisht says how it would come here. It is with Vyom. He will give it to you after all. I was talking about the ring which we chose for Vyom. Shiv smiles. Sharanya thinks of the ring she saw. This wasn’t my illusion. What game are you playing? Do whatever you have to but I wont step back now.

Shiv gets up angrily. Sharanya looks at Vyom’s ring. She is still thinking about the ring that she saw earlier. Lights begin to flicker and cold wind blows. She drops the ring which lies right in Shiv’s feet. She is all cold. Title song plays in the background. She picks the ring and then looks at her surroundings. She walks right past Shiv. He tries holding her dupatta but fails.

Shiv looks at Vyom. He is sitting right under the chandelier. The chandelier begins to move on its own. Sharanya enters and notices this. She rushes to his side. The chandelier becomes stable that very instant. Everyone looks at it. Vyom asks her what happened. She asks him if he is fine. He nods. Rajan gets tensed. Chandni tells Sharanya Vyom is fine but what happened to you. You seem in such a hurry. You were so reluctant to marry him 2 days ago. She asks Vyom what magic has he cast on her. Vyom shrugs.

Sharanya asks her mother if they should exchange rings. Rati asks her to spend some time with them first. Sharanya sits with Rati and Aditya. Rati points out that a girl marries the entire family of her husband. We are also your family spend. some time with us. Vidyut is looking at Sharanya. Sharanya looks at Vyom who also hasn’t taken his eyes off Sharanya. Nawab comes there. Rati sweetly tells him he will have to get used to the idea of living away from Sharanya. He barks. Sharanya offers to bring him with her but Nawab starts barking non-stop. Vyom tries to calm him when his wheelchair is suddenly pushed towards the main door. He is dragged to a corner where metal rods are kept. One rod goes straight inside him. Everyone looks on stunned.

Precap: Sharanya is looking at her engagement photo when the glass breaks. She demands to know why he is doing this. What do you want? She later dips her hand in the bathtub when it is pulled by Shiv. By the time he lets go of her hand, he has her ring and breaks it!

Update Credit to: Pooja


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