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Ishqbaaz 4th December 2017 Episode Written Update

Ishqbaaz 4th December 2017 Episode starts with Tej and Jhanvi getting shocked as Shivaay shows them the signed papers. Tej tells Shivaay that he has forgotten brotherhood for money. Sihvaay tells Anika that he has become SSO. Some time back… Oberoi family gathers as Shivaay calls everyone for a meeting.

Svetlana joins them, Oberoi family gets annoyed and shocked. Svetlana reminds them that she is a part of the Oberoi family. Shivaay comes, Jhanvi questions Shivaay about Svetlana. Jhanvi tells Svetlana to get lost, Svetlana insults Jhanvi and calls her a maid. Shivaay informs everyone that as per the Board Meeting held, Shivaay being the signing authority has transferred 50% stake in Oberoi Group, held by Omkara and Rudra to Svetlana. Oberoi family gets shocked. Shivaay says as per the contract Svetlana is 50% owner of the Oberoi Empire.

Tej screams at Shivaay. FB shows Svetlana showing the video of Kalyani Mills fire where Shakti is seen questioning Tej about the fire in Kalyani Mills. Svetlana blackmails Shivaay and threatens to break Oberoi family. Shivaay tells Svetlana to quote her price, Shivaay demands 50% shares of Oberoi Empire, Shivaay agrees to give his stake, Svetlana refuses to take Shivaay’s share and demands Omkara and Rudra’s stake. Shivaay remains shocked. Tej and others question Shivaay, he refuses to answer and Svetlana will stay in Oberoi Mansion.

Shivaay says he has signed the papers, Tej checks them and screams at Shivaay. Svetlana demands Tej and Jhanvi’s room. Svetlana insults and instigates Jhanvi against Shivaay. Svetlana compliments Shivaay on his decision. Anika gets teary-eyed, Tej tells Shivaay that he has broken Omkara and Rudra’s trust, he has finished Omkara and Rudra’s future, Tej says Shivaay has killed brotherhood for money. Shakti and Dadi side Shivaay saying he can give away his life for Omkara and Rudra. Shakti tells Shivaay to tell the truth to everyone, Dadi tells Shivaay to answer, Shivaay says he cannot explain business things to everyone. Tej says Shivaay has no explanation. Pinky supports Shivaay, Jhanvi asks Shivaay to answer, Pinky and Tej get into an argument. Rudra gets annoyed and supports Shivaay’s decision. Rudra shows his trust in Shivaay, Rudra runs and hugs Shivaay, Rudra tells Shivaay that he has no issues with the decision taken by Shivaay, Tej scolds Rudra. Tej warns every one of his actions. Anika tells Shivaay to speak up, Shivaay tells Anika not to interfere. Anika coaxes Shivaay, he gets angry and screams at Anika. Shivaay says he never answers anyone, Shivaay says this is his decision and tells everyone to respect it. Svetlana feels happy with her plan of creating the rift in Oberoi family working perfectly. Svetlana calls someone and demands to see the Oberoi Group shares in physical form. Shivaay calls someone and asks to get all the information related to Kalyani Mills fire. Shivaay decides to find the entire truth of Kalyani Mills fire. Shivaay sees Anika crying, he tries to talk to her, she ignores, Shivaay gets furious with Anika, both get into an argument. Anika gets annoyed with Shivaay’s SSO avatar. Shivaay says he is good old SSO, a man cannot change. Anika says she is back being Anika too. Shivaay warns Anika that not to interfere in his decision for next few days as he is not going to listen to anyone. Anika tells Shivaay that she will not stop him from anything and walks away from him.


A girl meets with an accident by Shivaay’s car, he get shocked to see her.


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