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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th December 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Kirti saying why did Aryan do this. Naira says maybe because Kartik scolded him. Police informs them that Aryan is leaving from Greece, he took a bus ticket. Naksh says it means he is leaving, just go guys, we will complete the formalities. Naira and Kartik leave. They look for Aryan. Aryan waits for the bus. They see Aryan and stop the car. Kartik shouts Aryan. Aryan sees them and starts running. Kartik asks him to stop. Kartik drives and asks him to stop. Naira sends the location to Naksh and asks him to get police. Aryan runs away. Kartik stops at the train rail track junction. He parks the car and runs after Aryan. Rajshri and Devyaani are at Goenka house. They all talk about Aryan.

Dadi says Manish didn’t like Aryan since the start, Kartik is fine,

that’s enough for us. Naira and Kartik get divided to catch Aryan. Aryan pushes Kartik and runs. Naksh and Kirti come there with police. Naira sees Aryan and follows him. She stops him. Aryan says I respect you, let me go. She scolds him. He says don’t anger me, I m not a bad man. She says I also thought you are a good man, why did you do this, you want money. He asks are you asking me, use your senses, would I come home to return jewelry if I wanted money, did I steal money, did I kidnap kids, no, why, just think. She asks why did you do this, Kartik insulted you. He says my life got ruined since my birth, the day you know what happened with me, you won’t believe your ears. She asks what are you saying.

He asks her to go and ask Suwarna, ask her who is Shubham, you will know what I m doing is nothing, I should have done a lot, she will tell you complete truth. She gets shocked. He says let me go. She says no, tell me what does this mean, tell me clearly. He says move off my way. He pushes her and runs. Kartik comes and punches his face. He asks how dare you touch Naira, you framed me by cheat and now this. Police comes and arrests Aryan. Kartik asks Naira are you fine. She says yes. She sees Aryan and recalls his words. She thinks its better to talk to Suwarna, maybe she knows something. Kartik hugs her and asks are you still worried, everything is fine. Aryan sees her. He is taken away. Naksh says we came here with happiness, we will return home with same happiness.

Inspector tells Manish and Akhilesh that Aryan is arrested, he will be brought here. Manish says I will not leave him, don’t know to which family he belongs. Naira thanks Lord for giving courage. Kartik says if we forget one thing, the trip was good. She says it was fun. He says I can do anything for this smile. She says my smile is because of you, I will saty happy if you are happy. He fixes a flower in her hair. They sing and dance. Pehli nazar mein….plays… They romance.

The family waits at the gate. They see Kartik, Naira, Naksh and Kirti coming and welcome them. Everyone hugs them. Dadi cries and says I was so scared. Kartik says I have come, smile now. He sees Manish and hugs him. Naira hugs Suwarna and recalls Aryan’s words. Suwarna does aarti and tilak to all four of them. Dadi wards off bad sight and asks them to come in. Dadi praises Naira for supporting Kartik and showing maturity. Kartik says I spoke to Naksh and you all to get courage, we all know what Naira did. Akhilesh says this is a family, who else will support. Suwarna says sometimes the way which looks wrong takes us to right place. Manish says I will not leave Aryan. Surekha says yes. Naira says we don’t know why he did this. Suwarna says yes, he has no relation with us. Naksh says he didn’t do this for money. Naira thinks to talk to Suwarna. She goes to her and says just come for a min, I have to tell something, Aryan…. Lav and Kush insist and take Naira.

Kartik says we will find truth, if she is guilty, I will not forgive her. Naira says I followed Suwarna and reached to police station. Kartik says whom does she want to meet, us or Aryan, Aryan is also here in police station.

Update Credit to: Amena


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