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Ishqbaaz 5th December 2017 Episode Written Update

Ishqbaaz 5th December 2017 Episode starts with a girl bumping into Shivaay’s car and getting injured, Shivaay gets shocked to see her. Oberoi family and Anika get shocked. Some time back… Tej gets furious with Shivaay, Jhanvi consoles him and says Shivaay must be forced by Svetlana.

Tej wonders why Shivaay did not part with his shares, Tej gets angry thinking this is the result of Omkara and Rudra’s ignorance towards the business. Tej suspects Shivaay’s planning in keeping Omkara and Rudra away from the business. Jhanvi says there must be a reason for Shivaay to take such a decision, which he is hiding. Jhanvi calls Omkara, she tries to inform Omkara about Shivaay’s decision, without listening to Jhanvi, Omkara supports Shivaay’s decision and promises to call back.

Tej calls Omkara a fool to not see Shivaay’s real face. Tej says now only he can do something. Tej takes Gauri to Shivaay and blames Shivaay for taking away Gauri’s rights, Tej blames Shivaay for ruining Gauri’s future. Gauri sides and supports Shivaay. Tej calls Gauri a fool and confronts Shivaay. Pinky comes in Shivaay’s support. Pinky gives the credit of budding Oberoi Empire success to Shivaay and calls Omkara and Rudra useless. Tej blames Pinky for making Shivaay take such a decision, senior Oberois get in a fight and the blame game.

Shivaay screams at everyone and stops Pinky from accusing Omkara and Rudra. Shivaay apologizes to Tej and Jhanvi and promises to rectify the situation in some time. Shivaay asks Tej to trust him, Jhanvi says she trusts Shivaay. Shivaay vows by keeping hand on Jhanvi’s head that he will rectify everything, at any cost. Svetlana decides to play her next move and tells someone to be ready on the phone. Shivaay drives the car and thinks he will not let Svetlana break apart Oberoi family. A girl bumps into Shivaay’s car and gets injured. Shivaay runs to see and gets shocked to see the girl. Shivaay reaches Oberoi Mansion and screams everyone’s name, Oberoi family runs to Shivaay. They get shocked to see the girl, Anika comes and sees Tia injured and unconscious. Anika remembers her moments with Tia. Gauri gets water, Shivaay sprinkles water on Tia, she regains consciousness and complains of everything being dark. Tia claims that she cannot see anything and starts crying loudly. Anika tries to console her, Tia says she is in a financial crisis, she is going to get divorced from Robin. She asks Shivaay who ruined her life, Shivaay says Tia met with an accident by his car. Shivaay says Tia will stay in Oberoi Mansion till her eyes get treated, Anika consoles Tia, Tia thanks Anika, Tia winks at Svetlana, both smile. Later, Tia gets shocked to see Tej’s involvement in Kalyani Mills fire. Tia says Shivaay and Anika have done a lot for her, Svetlana reminds Tia of Shivaay and Oberoi family destroying their family. Svetlana seeks Tia’s help, Tia agrees with Svetlana and joins hands with Svetlana. Svetlana says now they have their third sister also with them. FB shows Svetlana thinking of having three sisters against three Oberoi brothers, Oberois V/s Kapoors. Shivaay calls the investigator about Kalyani Mills fire and demands for information. Svetlana comes to Shivaay and flirts with him. Svetlana gives a To-Do list to Shivaay about the points to speak at the Press Conference. Svetlana tells Shivaay to make the announcement of Svetlana’s 50% stake in Oberoi Empire in the press conference, Shivaay gets shocked and breaks the painting frame next to Svetlana, Shivaay tells Svetlana to get out. Svetlana swims in the pool of money. Svetlana flirts with Tej and shows him money filled pool, Tej gets angry. Svetlana instigates Tej against Shivaay. Tej blames Svetlana for blackmailing Shivaay. Svetlana puts the blame of giving away Omkara and Rudra’s shares to her, Svetlana pollutes Tej’s mind against Shivaay. Svetlana feels happy seeing Oberoi family breaking apart.


Gauri welcomes Rudra’s new bike, the vendor asks for payment of 10 lacs, Rudra and Tej get shocked to know that their Credit Cards are blocked, Svetlana says their time is bad. As Rudra gives back the bike keys to the vendor, Shivaay holds his hand.


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