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Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 5th December 2017 Episode Written Update; Tanuja ABhishek Are Engaged

The Episode starts with Maasi asking Tanuja to forward her hand. Tanuja shows her hand and everyone see ring in her left hand. Tanuja says she worn the ring, but now it is not coming out. Rishi says Tanuja is very clever. Manpreet says she is saving you else would have told that you made her wear ring forcibly. She loves you. AK and Tanuja go to room. Tanuja asks him why he is worried and tells that she had already promised him for marriage. Abhishek says if ring is work in 4th finger of left hand then its connection is directly from the heart. He says it seems engagement is not in his life. AK leaves. Tanuja tries to get off the ring, and it comes out easily. She tries to stop AK, but then thinks if she shall take it off or not. Rishi sees her dilemma and thinks don’t take it off. Tanuja says she can’t

remove ring from her hand. Rishi comes behind her and holds her pallu.

Tanuja asks him to leave her Pallu and says she don’t like it. Rishi asks her to get fake engaged. Tere bina plays..He is grateful to God. AK makes Tanuja wear the ring in right hand. Everyone claps. Maasi asks guests to have food. Ahana congratulates Tanuja. Tanuja asks Rishi to have food and reminds him that he has to organize other functions also. AK talks to Rishi and says he dislikes the decoration. He asks him to leave. Rishi says if he makes him leave then he will not let the marriage happen. AK asks him to get lost and says he knows that he is doing this for custody case.

Rishi comes to Bedi house and tells Raj that AK thinks I wants Tanuja back due to custody case. Raj and Beeji congratulates Rishi. Rano hears them and scolds Rishi. She asks Raj to say when did Rishi and Tanuja were happy together. Ahana says they were happy, but due to the misunderstandings they get separated. She says when she returned, Rishi wants to get her back along with Natasha and says Netra has no place in his life. Netra thanks Ahana for showing her place and asks Rishi to promise that if Tanuja marries AK then he shall marry her. Rishi is shocked. Rishi asks what nonsense and tells that you stayed here with your wish, and asks her not to show favour on them and tells that if he don’t gets Tanuja then he will leave the house.

Myra tells Tanuja that she is searching her brother’s happiness and says she saw Rishi making her wear ring. AK comes and asks what she is saying. Myra says she was talking about their engagement and says Tanuja said that she is happy. She says she is going to sleep and says good night. AK says I am very happy as you have chosen me. Tanuja says whatever I did for Natasha’s custody. AK tells her that he knows and he also loves Natasha. He tells her that he has broken contract with Rishi. Tanuja says he did right. Rano says Tanuja is settling down and he is thinking to leave. She tells that Rishi is not mad, but she is mad. Rishi asks her to stop it and says he will leave the house. Rano asks him to leave. She asks Manpreet to go also. Netra promises Rano that if Tanuja marries AK then Rishi have to marry me and tells that she will tell her how she will convince Rishi.

Tanuja tells AK that she asked him to let Rishi stay and tells that she is affected with his presence. Door bell rings. AK opens the door and finds Rishi standing.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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