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Zindagi Ki Mehak: Shaurya & Mehak Go on a 4 Day Rendevouz!

The upcoming twist of Zee TV’s show Zindagi Ki Mehek will show that Shaurya will come up with a new plan to help Mehek remember her past. Shaurya is desperate for Mehek to recall her past memory and realize her true identity.

However, Mehek is quite certain that she is Vandana and she is Neev’s mother, she refuses to believe that she is Mehek. Shaurya succeeded in getting back Mehak to work as a chef in his popular restaurant. He is sure that this job will help Mehek to remember her past.

However, Shaurya’s plan will not succeed as Mehek will still not be convinced about her real identity. Viewers will soon get to see that a desperate Shaurya will come up with another plan to make Mehek realize that she is not Vandana but is his Mehek.

Shaurya will think to take Mehek away with him for four days away from everyone. Shaurya thinks that he will use four days to help Mehek remember all their past incidents and convince Mehek of her true identity. However, Shaurya knows that Mehek will not go anywhere without Neev. Therefore, Shaurya will decide to convince Neev to let his mother come along with him for four days. Shaurya will bribe Neev with chocolates and will try to make him agree to take away Mehek with him.

Shaurya’s trick will succeed and Neev will give his approval for Shaurya’s plan. Will Mehek’s new mission succeed?


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