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Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 6th December 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Rishi thinks about Netra’s condition and thinks that he just belongs to Tanuja and nobody else. Tanuja tells Abhishek that she asked him to let Rishi stay here as she wants to make herself know that she is not affected by his presence, but she is affected. She says she was also worried about the case. Just then door is knocked. Abhishek opens the door and finds Rishi. He tells him that they will stay together. Abhishek asks what nonsense and asks him to leave as he has cancelled the deal.. Tanuja says she will make him understand. Rishi says he will talk to her alone outside. Abhishek asks them to talk infront of him. Tanuja says its ok. They go out. Rishi asks about the ring in her hand. Tanuja says it was stuck in her finger and says their engagement haven’t happen as she didn’t

make him wear ring. She asks him to go and says you can’t stay here. Rishi says he has a bad habit and have capture the video in which she took off the ring and then worn it again.

Tanuja asks if he is blackmailing her. He says no and asks her to tell Abhishek that she is letting him stay in the house for a day. Tanuja says no, but then agrees. Tanuja goes and convinces Abhishek. She comes back to Rishi and takes his phone, asks where is the video. Rishi laughs and says there is no video. Tanuja says she will kick him out. Rishi asks what you will tell AK that I made you wear ring. Tanuja says she will not return to him as she is marrying AK with her wish and will never return to him. Just then a bat comes to room.

Tanuja asks him to cover him. They cover themselves with bedsheet. Tanuja tells him about the consequences when bat bites a person. Tere bina plays….rishi smiles looking at him. Tanuja says let me go and see. He asks her not to go. Tanuja asks him to check. Rishi asks him to go and check and says you are a fattu. Tanuja says no. Rushi says there is a rat. Tanuja hugs him being scared. Gauri sees the bedsheet and thinks ghost is here and runs. Tanuja goes.

Rishi knocks on Tanuja’s room. Tanuja opens the door. Rishi gets inside her room with her blanket and tells her that he can’t sleep there as there is a bat in his room. He asks her to go and sleep in his room. Tanuja thinks even she is scared of bat and asks him to go to his room. She asks if you sleep here then where shall I sleep. He says you sleep on bed and I will sleep on couch. Tanuja asks do you really don’t want to go to your room. Rishi says yes and lie down on bed. Tanuja rests on bed. Tere bina plays….Rishi gets happy as they are in the same room. Next morning, AK knocks on Tanuja’s door. Rishi opens her eyes and says good morning. Tanuja is shocked.

Tanuja tells AK that bat came in room, but nothing happened. AK asks what is she talking.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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