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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th December 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Suwarna saying I will pray for him. Her brother asks did you think if he collides with him, your heart will identify him, you will regret a lot, just see him once. She says its fine, I can live without him, as far as a mother’s affection is concerned, I m satisfied seeing Kartik, I don’t want anything else. Kartik and Naira look on. Kartik gets away and thinks of her words. He walks on the road. He goes to some other car and puts the keys. A man says what are you doing, its my car. Kartik gets away and walks thinking of Suwarna’s words. He goes to his car and gets in. Naira comes to him. She says I can’t believe my ears. He says I can’t believe how can anyone do this. She looks at him.

Kirti calls Dadi. Dadi asks how are you. Kirti says I m fine,

what happened of that case. Dadi says Manish will not leave Aryan, he spoiled your holiday too, you can go again. Kirti says no, Naksh is much busy, even I m busy in boutique work. Dadi says you recently got married, spend time with your husband, work is not your need, just focus on your conjugal life, smart person is one who doesn’t repeat mistakes. Kirti says Naira also works. Dadi says don’t compare yourself with him, its her love marriage, your and Naksh’s relation is not strong, you would get less time in joint family. Devyaani hears this and leaves. Dadi asks Kirti to make Naksh feel her importance. Manish comes out of the police station and looks for Kartik. He sees Kartik leaving and thinks why did he leave. He doesn’t see Suwarna and her brother. Suwarna’s brother says I will go in and see if I can do anything. Suwarna shatters and cries.

Kartik and Naira come home. Akhilesh says I called Manish, he disconnected. Dadi asks Kartik from where is he coming with Naira, when he went to police station with Manish. Surekha asks is everything fine, it seems something wrong happened. Akhilesh asks what happened, did anything happen there. Kartik says yes….. I couldn’t control there. Akhilesh says I know police’s strange questions irritates a lot, I will go to Manish if needed. Suwarna comes home. Surekha says maybe she spoke to Manish. Kartik turns away seeing Suwarna.

Surekha asks what happened, you look like you have cried. Suwarna says nothing like that. Surekha says don’t lie, I know you got emotional seeing kids in orphanage, are you coming from there, don’t go there, those mothers would be helpless who has to leave their children like that, it needs lots of courage. Naira hugs Suwarna and cries. Dadi asks what happened to you now. Naira says nothing, just that ashram thing. Surekha says the day is bad, everyone is getting upset. Kartik goes. Naira thinks what’s going on in his heart.

Manish says everything is clear now, you have Goyal’s confession, make a strong case and get this guy punished severely. Lawyer says don’t worry, we will teach him a lesson. Manish sees Aryan and says you wanted to harm my son, now just see, to which extent a father can go for his son.

Devyaani says I have heard this. Bhabhimaa says its Dadi’s right to explain Kirti. Rajshri says Kirti is sensible. Kirti comes and says I m going to office, I m taking lunch for him. They ask her to go. Bau ji says no need to go, Naksh will be busy with clients, you will get bored. Kirti leaves. Rajshri says maybe her heart got hurt. Devyaani says she should understand Naksh than getting annoyed. Rajshri says Dadi wants Kirti to stay happy, she won’t do anything such.

Suwarna’s words echo in Kartik’s ears. He wears headphones and falls on the bed. Naira comes to him. Naira hugs him and says I m also shocked, but you are more shocked, I can understand, but I want to hear it from you, what are you thinking, I m getting scared by your silence, say something. He asks why did she do this, who asked her to do this.

Suwarna cries and asks her son not to go. Her son scolds her that she can’t become anyone’s mum. She says please don’t leave me, I did a big mistake, don’t go, Lord save my son, don’t let him go jail. She talks in sleep. Manish hears her and wakes her up. He asks what is she saying about her son, she was saying something and apologizing, what was she dreaming about Kartik. She smiles. He says don’t worry, he has returned, he is with us in this house, he won’t go jail, you have done a lot for him, you loved him so much, one day he will understand your sacrifice, like he came close to me, he will come close to you also, your son. She cries.

Naira thanks Kartik for supporting her. She holds his hand. She says we will be able to do what’s right and what should happen, it will be difficult for Suwarna, but its way to avoid this, don’t think much, we will face whatever happens tomorrow, we are supporting truth, hope everything gets fine. He gets his hand away. She looks at him.

Akhilesh says Kartik and Naira took Aryan’s case back. Aryan comes to meet Suwarna. She gets shocked seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena


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