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Ishqbaaz 7th December 2017 Episode Written Update;Oberoi’s Split!

Ishqbaaz 7th December 2017 Episode starts with Shivaay making an announcement of Svetlana holding 50% stake belonging to Omkara and Rudra. Shivaay also announces that Omkara and Rudra have no stake in Oberoi Empire.  Shivaay announces that Omkara and Rudra are not capable of handling Oberoi Empire, Anika, Rudra, and Tej get shocked.

Some time back… Shivaay comes in the Press Conference. Dadi wonders why Shivaay has called for the Press Conference, Oberoi family wonders what Shivaay is going to announce. Shivaay says Oberoi Empire was the dream of his grandfather, for which his family has worked hard. Oberoi family is their pride. Svetlana speaks to Shivaay on the Bluetooth and instructs him to follow her instructions. Svetlana blackmails Shivaay over Kalyani Mills fire video. Shivaay gets helpless and announces that Svetlana is his new business partner, Oberoi family gets shocked.

Media questions Shivaay over Svetlana, Shivaay says she has 50% shares of Oberoi Empire which belonged to Omkara and Rudra. Media confronts Shivaay of removing Omkara and Rudra’s names from the Board of Directors list. Svetlana forces Shivaay to speak as written in her chit. Shivaay tells the media that he gave away Rudra and Omkara’s shares to Svetlana and Omkara and Rudra have no stake in Oberoi Empire because they don’t deserve it. Tej and the rest of the Oberoi family get restless, Shivaay talks about Omkara being an artist and not using his brain.

Shivaay talks about a great emotional difficulty, Shivaay says Rudra is very immature. Oberoi ladies cry, Tej gets furious, Tia and Svetlana get happy. Media asks for the reaction of Oberoi family on Shivaay’s decision. Shivaay says Omkara is out of town, Media tries to question Rudra, Shivaay gets angry and screams at media for troubling Rudra. Tia instigates Tej against Shivaay. Tej screams at the media and tells them to leave. Tej screams at Shivaay in front of everyone. Media questions Tej, he screams at the media and tells them to leave. Tej confronts Shivaay for insulting Omkara and Rudra in front of the media, Tej warns Shivaay of his actions against him. Tej warns Shivaay that he will destroy Shivaay, Tej pushes Shivaay hard. Pinky warns Tej to stay back. Tej and Pinky get in a huge fight, Pinky defends Shivaay. Jhanvi warns Pinky to stop, Pinky goes on blaming Tej over Svetlana and calls Omkara and Rudra useless. Tej reminds Pinky that he is the one to create Oberoi Empire. Tej says when Svetlana demanded 50% shares, Shviaay gave away OmRu’s share because Shivaay is selfish like Pinky. Dadi pleads them to stop fighting, Anika tells Shivaay to speak up the truth. Pinky argues back and accuses Tej of his family’s mishap. Tej and Pinky fight over Omkara and Shivaay. Tej suddenly gets a heart attack. All get shocked.


All get worried about Tej, Jahnvi tells Shivaay that he is no longer Tej’s family and he cannot meet Tej. Shivaay gets shocked and tells Jhanvi to punish him however she wants, but let him meet Tej. Jhanvi tells Shivaay to live up to his promise and leave the Oberoi Mansion. Shivaay and all get shocked.


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