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Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 7th December 2017 Episode Written Update

Tonight in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki  we see that when Rishi comes to Tanuja’s room to sleep there for the night, Tanuja knows that it is a bad idea. Very first thing in the morning Abhishek comes and knocks at Tanuja’s door. Tanuja gets starteled and wakes up. She asks Rishi to go into the bathroom and wait there but he refuses to do so.

He makes Abhishek wait for Tanuja and keeps on chit chatting with her.  He knows the urgency of the situation and makes use of it. He blackmails Tanuja and says that he needs a kiss on the cheek to hide in the bathroom, otherwise he will keep sitting there and she is free to open the door. Tanuja says that she will not succumb  to his tricks and she will go and open the door. She says that she will tell Abhishek why he came to her room last night. She says that she can say whatever she wants but he will say that he slept with her on the same bed. When Rishi blackmails her like that, Tanuja tells him that Abhishek is not the guy who will end their marriage when he’ll know that he spent the night in her room.

Coincidentally when Tanuja opens the door,  she starts to explain it to Abhishek that a bat came to the house last night and that is the reason she took so much time. Abhishek looks at the room and fails to find Rishi. Abhishek asks Tanuja to arrange the room once again and says that he is going to meet Rishi. After Abhishek leaves, Rishi tells Tanuja that her worries are his worries as well. When Rishi leaves Tanuja’s  room, Myra looks at him and gets confused what he was doing in her room.

Myra goes and talks to Rishi and says that he is not doing the right thing by getting closer to Tanuja. She says that she is getting married to Abhishek and Abhishek deserves her truly. She blames Rishi for breaking Tanuja’s heart 7 years ago and asks why has he come back to her life if he has only pain to give to her. 5she says that Abhishek and Tanuja are perfect for each other and he should not come in their way. Rishi says that Tanuja is just getting married to Abhishek because she knows that he has a daughter Tanja and he and Netra are her parents.

He says that she can break her own heart to save someone else’s smiles and she won’t even let anyone know that she is breaking her heart into a million pieces. Rishi gets into tears as he says that Tanuja has immense love in her heart and every bit of it belongs to her. When he turns around he finds that Myra is gone. Tanuja comes and looks at Rishi in tears. She asks him if something   is wrong and Rishi ask sir to go away he says that he doesn’t want her to look at him like this because he doesn’t want her to think that he is weak.

Credit: Kriti Sharma


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