Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 7th December 2017 Episode Written Update

Tonight in Kumkum Bhagya we see that Simonika decides to stab Abhi but then thinls that if she will do so, she will get caught. Then she thinks that she would put a pillow over Abhi’s face and make him choke.  As she suffocates him she keeps on crying and tells him that this is the right thing to do.  She says that he has to bear the breathlessness for a few more minutes and he would be dead very easily. She says that she took the life of her lover and this is his karma coming back to him. As soon as Abhi’s breath stops the nurse comes and asks Simonica to step away from Abhi. She telld Simonika that she would call the police right away and get her arrested. Simonika starts to cry and brgs to the nurse for mercy. She then narrates her story to the nurse and says that Abhi killed her lover in front of her eyes and she was in so much anger and hatred that she killed him. She says that she accepts her mistake and she is apologetic for the same. Simonika then puts a pillow on the nurse’s face as well and suffocates her too. She locks her up in the cupboard and makes sure that  she is not found.

Later on Simonika notices that Abhi is still breathing but before she could put a pillow on his face once again and suffocate him, dadi dasi and Aliya come into his room to check on him. Simonika quickly changes her game and pretends to be putting pillow behind his head. Dadi tells Aliya that she wants to meet the doctor and know when Abhi is going to be alright. Aliya decides to go and find the nurse but Simonika stops her. Aliya then asks Simonika to go and find either the nurse or the doctor.

Simon goes to Pragya and says that she is the superwoman of Abhi’s life. She says that she will kill Abhi at any cost but she is like an obstacle for her. She says that she he decided to kill Abhi the very same day when he killed her lover. She says that if she will keep coming in her part of telling Abhi then she would be forced to kill her first. While Simonika keeps on blabbering her hateful words, suddenly Pragya opens her eyes. But she faints again and Simonika assumes that she didn’t listen to anything she said.


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