Ishqbaaz 8th December 2017 Episode Written Update

Ishqbaaz 8th December 2017 Written Episode starts with Jhanvi telling Shivaay to leave before Tej regains consciousness, Pinky, and Jhanvi fight, Dadi cries bitterly. Rudra cries as Shivaay decides to leave. Some time back… Tej suffers from a heart attack, all, especially Shivaay gets shocked.

Shivaay calls the doctor, Shivaay tries to touch Tej, Jhanvi holds back Shivaay’s hand. Jhanvi scolds Shivaay for not keeping his promise and ruining everything. Shivaay remembers his promise. Jhanvi asks Shivaay will he fulfill his promise, Shivaay says whatever Jhanvi asks for, he will do. Jhanvi says till Shivaay is in Oberoi Mansion, nothing will get rectified. Jhanvi tells Shivaay to go away from Oberoi family and Oberoi Mansion, everyone gets shocked. Tia feels happy. Jhanvi says she doesn’t want to see Shivaay’s face, Rudra tries to stop Jhanvi, Jhanvi tells Shivaay to fulfill his promise and leave the house.

Everyone tries to stop Jhanvi, Jhanvi forces Shivaay to answer, Shivaay says he will act as per Jhanvi’s wish, he will go away from Oberoi Mansion and will never show his face to Jhanvi. Tej gets critical. Oberoi family waits as the doctor treats Tej. Dadi, Gauri, and Shakti pray for Tej’s recovery. The doctor informs Oberoi family that Tej is out of danger but he should not be stressed. Shivaay asks the doctor if they can meet Tej, the doctor says yes.

Shivaay tries to go in Tej’s room, Jhanvi stops him and says Shivaay is not Tej’s family anymore after what Shivaay has done. Shivaay pleads to Jahnvi, Rudra tries to put up Shivaay’s side, Jhanvi refuses to listen. Jhanvi tells Rudra that Shivaay is not Rudra’s brother and not to side him. Shivaay tells Jhanvi to punish him but let him see Tej once, Jhanvi tells Shivaay to go far away so that Oberoi family can never see Shivaay again. Shivaay goes away, Anika and Pinky cry. Pinky cries bitterly and scolds Shivaay for putting so much love and faith in the family. Pinky says she will not let Shivaay go anywhere, Shivaay says he will go as he has promised Jhanvi. Rudra reminds Shivaay of his promise of never leaving Omkara and Rudra. Pinky scolds Rudra. Shivaay says he will follow Jhanvi’s word as she is his mother. Pinky refuses to let go of Shivaay, Jhanvi comes and once again reminds Shivaay of his promise. Dadi tries to stop Jhanvi. Jhanvi refuses to listen and says since Shivaay himself has broken the house, Rudra screams at Jhanvi, Jhanvi and Rudra argue. Jhanvi says her family is destroyed because of Shivaay and hence Shivaay must leave. Tia and Svetlana notify each other as Tia sits next to Tej. Anika consoles Jhanvi and asks her to rethink, Jhanvi says she asked Shivaay for the truth many times but Shivaay has never opened up. Jhanvi asks Anika for the truth, Anika has no answer. Tej regains consciousness, Tia tries to instigate Tej against Shivaay. Tia tells Tej that Jhanvi wants Shivaay to leave the house but Pinky and Dadi are not letting Shivaay go. Rudra also will never let Shivaay go. Pinky and Jhanvi have a major fight, Dadi tries to stop them, Pinky and Jhanvi push Dadi and tell her not to intervene, Dadi worries what will happen if Shivaay really leaves. Rudra and Pinky try to stop Shivaay. Tia instigates Tej against Rudra for supporting Shivaay. Tia calls Shivaay selfish, Tej gets up in anger and goes down. Tia and Svetlana get happy. Tej comes down and says Shivaay will leave, all get shocked, Shivaay gets worried, Tej tells Shivaay that his relationship is over with Shivaay, Tej slips from the stairs and falls, all get worried. Later, Shivaay tries to call Omkara. Rudra comes to Shivaay and tells him not to leave as Svetlana is the real culprit. Shivaay says he failed in rectifying the situation and hence he has to leave. Rudra cries and says Omkara will break down completely. Rudra asks Shivaay to wait till Omkara comes back, Shivaay says he cannot wait till then. Shivaay screams at Rudra and tells him to grow up. Shivaay tells Rudra that he will have to handle the family. Rudra cries bitterly and hugs Shivaay.


Shivaay, Omkara, and Rudra do the Aarti, Dadi hopes that they will stay together forever, Tej reminds Tej to fulfill his promise, Shivaay and Anika leave from Oberoi Mansion, Svetlana gets happy.


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