Tu Aashiqui 8th December 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with JD saying Ahaan is lying. Vikram says we all know, Ahaan never lies. Sheetal comes and slaps Vikram. She scolds him and asks him to leave. Vikram leaves. JD makes an innocent face and hugs her. She says Anita has come here, she has sighted our house badly. The man tells Ahaan and Pankti about Jasmine’s booked room locked. Pankti says I will find Purva, you go home. Ahaan says no, I have to free Purva, its my duty, I will look for her.

Purva is with Monty at a cafe. He says I m not so handsome, don’t stare at me. He acts funny. She says I was trying to find who is real Monty, one who was feeding kids or one who came to buy me. He says both. She says fine, you booked a room, I don’t want your loss so… He says I have stayed in room many times, I want to be

here, I will manage if you find me attractive. She says no. He asks am I not attractive. Ahaan and Pankti look for Purva. Monty says I m a businessman, so I have habit to buy everything, emotions, happiness and love, I tried Ishq wala love, but money came in between, why are you serious, its fine, did you not understand my job, no one understands it. Pankti sees them. She recalls JD. She comes there and scolds Monty.

She says I will not let Purva bear anything. Purva says he didn’t behave badly with me, I promise. He says I think your sister vented out someone’s anger on me, I shall leave, can I give my card to you. Purva takes his card. He says I felt relaxed talking to you, you can call me if you didn’t feel irritated. He leaves. Pankti asks Purva is she fine, he is that guy…. Purva says mum sold me to him, but he spoke to me nicely, he made me feel like a normal girl. Richa calls Pankti and tells about Ahaan and Vikram’s fight. Ahaan comes to Pankti. Richa says Ahaan respects and loves Vikram, if he tells anything, please tell me. Ahaan takes the phone and says I will come home and tell everything. Pankti says I m getting tension. He asks her not to say this, he will make everything fine. He asks Purva is she fine. She nods. He leaves.

Anita sees the money and gets glad. Purva and Pankti come home. Anita asks why did you come back Purva. She scolds Pankti. Purva says Monty has sent me back, you won’t need to return money. Anita asks who does this. Purva says there are some good people in world too, you forgot this by selling us. Anita calls Jasmine and says say sorry to Monty, I will get Purva back, I have some ethics. Jasmine says he also has ethics, he doesn’t force anyone. Anita asks did he go mad. Jasmine says see his bank balance, if he likes Purva, he may marry her. Anita asks shall I train her for marriage. Jasmine says it will be lottery if this works out. Anita smiles. Richa asks Ahaan what’s happening.

Ahaan says how shall I tell you. Vikram comes and asks shall I tell it. He sends Richa asking her to get first aid box. He asks Ahaan to keep the matter between them and not make Richa worried. Richa gets first aid box. Vikram lies to her about concert matter. He says I can’t tolerate dad’s insult. Richa says I m sure he didn’t go because of Pankti. Vikram says yes, I also feel the same. He hugs Ahaan and apologizes. JD looks on. He says we get hurt by one whom we love.

Pankti calls up Ahaan and asks her did he fight with JD because of her. Ahaan says we are one now, I don’t want to talk about this. She says fine, but you can call me if you want to talk. He ends call. Anita gets angry seeing Pankti and thinks to do something.

Vikram and JD have a drink. JD asks what do you know, don’t you trust me even now, after many mistakes and losses, Ahaan got mad, he is just blaming me for no reason. Vikram says I know dad, why he is behaving such, Pankti is your mistress, whom he loves so much. JD gets shocked and asks what are you saying. Vikram says yes, I m saying truth, but Pankti really? Your doings shouldn’t reach home, I will support you, but if this matter reaches mom, if she gets hurt, I will forget our relation. He finishes the drink and leaves.

Ahaan asks JD to free Pankti. JD says you came between us, get 10 crores in 10 days and get her.

Update Credit to: Amena


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