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Tu Aashiqui: Ahaan Buys Pankti for 10 Crores; Pankti Devastated!

The upcoming twist of Colors TV show Tu Aashiqui will showcase a major twist where Pankti will be very hurt as Ahaan will want to buy her off from JD  in exchange of a huge amount of money.

In the upcoming episodes of the show it will be seen that Ahaan will confront JD and will ask him to free her from his trap. JD will tell Ahaan that he will free Pankti only on one condition that Ahaan gives him 10 crore rupees in 10 days. Ahaan will be shocked by JD’s unrealistic demands and he will agree to this as he is desperate to make Pankti free from JD’s trap at any cost. However, when Pankti comes to know about this, she will be extremely hurt.

Pankti will accuse Ahaan of buying her off just like JD. Pankti will tell Ahaan that he is also treating her like an object by paying money for her. Pankti will tell Ahaan that she has been used as an object by her mother and by JD but she had not expected this from him. However, Ahaan will tell Pankti that he is paying the money to free her and not buy her. Pankti too knows that Ahaan has no other option but to accept JD’s demands but she knows that Ahaan cannot gather such a big amount in such little time.

Pankti does not want Ahaan to suffer because of her and therefore she will continue to tell him hurtful words so that Ahaan backs off from the deal. Will Ahaan succeed to free his beloved Pankti form JD?


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