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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th December 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Kartik getting Suwarna in. Yeh rishta….plays…. Naira smiles. He says she is so great that she left her own son for her step son, Shubham would have told you everything, how she has hidden truth from us, did you think why, she did this for me, for you, for this family, hoping everything gets fine. Naira says we all know what a child means to a mum, she would be so hurt to make her child away. Aryan says she is a culprit, she did wrong with me and everyone, how did Kartik get sympathy for her, when he never called her mum, I have seen his hatred for Suwarna, now she has become a Devi, but does any Devi do injustice with one to do justice with someone, she didn’t give a sacrifice, she sacrificed me.

Kartik says this happened because of me,

your anger and hatred are justified, but for me, not her. Naira says you didn’t see a lot, she has kept many fasts and pujas for you, she longed for you. Kartik says she is your mum, she has tolerated a lot, don’t hurt her more, I beg you. Dadi says no Kartik, its not your mistake, Suwarna did this by her wish, by thinking well, she has married Manish and had a child by thinking everything, did she not think about Manish’s love division when she has the child in her womb, how did she think after giving birth, Suwarna can take advantage of my son and grandson, but she can’t fool me. Suwarna cries and sees Manish.

Dadi says I have seen the world, Suwarna always made Manish dance on her fingers, he didn’t ask about the money transfers and she used his trust, she didn’t let Manish and Kartik come close, so that if they get close, her rule can fall in risk. Kartik says she could have got Shubham here, I had left the house before, she didn’t get her son. Naira says yes, why did she wait. Dadi says she kept Aryan for right time. Kartik asks Dadi not to say this. Dadi says everything spoiled because of Suwarna. Kartik says no, it happened because of me. Manish asks Suwarna to leave from the house. Suwarna gets shocked. She gets back and cries. Kartik and Naira hold her hands. He says if she goes, Naira and I will go along. Akhilesh asks are you blackmailing us. Kartik says no. Manish says you are making big mistake. Kartik says I m ready to do this to stop you from doing wrong. Kartik asks Aryan to think over his advice. Suwarna cries.

Kirti says I didn’t know Naksh had diamonds in hand, I was excited to give him a surprise. Naksh hears her and jokes. He arranges the food. She sees cupcakes. He says place and time are different, but we are same, can we give a chance to our date, sorry. She smiles. He says I had to show that expensive gems to the client. She says I m sorry, I didn’t tell you and ran away. He says run if you want, but hold my hand and run, I can’t let you go away. They smile.

Naira consoles Suwarna and signs Kartik to come. Manish sees Aryan and cries. He says I didn’t get a chance to hug you once. Kartik and Naira cry. He sits and rests in Suwarna’s lap. He apologizes for his mistakes. He says you did this for me, sorry. Aryan cries and hugs Manish. Manish says forgive me son, I kept you away for many years, if I knew, I would have not let this happen. Aryan takes blessings of others. Kartik says I had hatred for you, I hate myself today, I couldn’t trust you, I m sorry, I couldn’t meet my eyes, I wanted to talk to you, I didn’t had courage, I m saying this with a difficulty even now, please understand my emotions with my few words, forgive me, I did big mistake, I kept a mum away from her son. They cry. He gets up to leave. Suwarna stops him and hugs.

Naira gets a call from Raghav. She gets shocked and says I don’t want to talk to you, don’tcall me again. She turns and sees Kartik.

Update Credit to: Amena


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