Zindagi Ki Mehak: Mandhar Tortures Mehak!

The upcoming twist of Zee TV’s show Zindagi Ki Mehak will show that the cooking competition will turn out to be a turning point in Mehak’s life as she will finally start to remember her past.

Shaurya has brought Mehak for the cooking competition by force but he is sure that this competition will help Mehak to recollect her lost memory. Mehak thinks that Shaurya is being evil by forcing her but she also gets flashes of her past memory which confuses her. Mehak only wants her husband Mandhar to get out of jail and agrees to be a part of the competition for the sake of her husband. As the competition starts off, Mehak is nervous as she thinks that she cannot cook anything.

However, Mehak gets flashes of her past memory where she recollects that she has taken part in this competition earlier too.  Just as Mehak is recalling her past, Archi is making plans to end Mehak’s life. Archi cuts the gas pipe on which Mehak is cooking food and she plans to burn Mehak alive.

Viewers will now get to see that despite of Archi’s evil attempts, Mehak will get saved and will also win in the competition. When Mandhar will come to know about Mehak and Shaurya coming close amid the competition, he will get furious and will warn not to spare Mehak and Shaurya.

Mandhar will come out of jail because of Mehak’s victory but he will plan to attack Mehak. Will Shaurya be able to save Mehak from Mandhar’s torture?


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