Ek Deewana Tha

Ek Deewana Tha 11th December 2017 Episode Written Update

Madhvi calls Sharanya irresponsible. Do you even know how much it cost? 10 lacs! It was diamond ring. It wasn’t an ordinary ring that you could lose just like that! Sharanya says sorry to her. Madhvi angrily keeps blaming her. Chandni tells her to relax. It is lost now. It wont come back. Let’s go ahead with the rituals. Madhvi tells her to stop it. It is between me and her. Who allowed you to talk in between? Rajan stops Chandni from intervening. Madhvi tells Sharanya to honestly tell her if she really cares about her son. Do you really wish to marry him or not? Vyom says of course she wants to! Everyone looks at him.

Odhni fails in finding any clue. She asks the ghost to help her. I am doing your work only. She drops some coins on the floor. One coin gets stuck on the floor. While

taking it off, she realises that it is magnet.

Vyom tells his mother and everyone that it was an ordinary ring. Rajan tells Madhvi not to use her brain without thinking. She dint say anything in reply as she respects you. Chandni asks Vyom what he is doing here. It is haldi ritual today. You shouldn’t have come here today. Mrs. Bisht calls her her son. There is no boundation on him for coming here! Vyom holds Sharanya’s hand as he is about to make her wear the ring. She recalls all the incidents and Sadhvi ji’s words. She speaks of solar eclipse. He tells her it is cloud. They will go away. She looks at her ring finger. There is blood around the ring. She covers it so as to stop anyone from seeing it. Vidyut thinks he lost Sharanya. If Bhai finds out that I lost Odhni then he will kill me! Where is she?

Odhni is unable to figure out how to get this out. She recalls Rajan’s words. She taps a button by mistake because of which a file pops open in a drawer. Shiv looks on.

Vidyut decides to find Odhni and kill her before his brother finds out about her. He lies to his brother about some important meeting before going out.

Odhni finds a key in that file.

Chandni blindfolds Sharanya. Vyom goes in a corner. Chandni dips Sharanya’s hands in haldi and asks her to find her groom now. She smirks at Madhvi who looks irked.

Odhni wonders why this key is outside the safety box. She tries looking for something more but makes noise instead. Vidyut comes upstairs to see if anyone is there but Odhni hides by then.

Vyom claps so as to catch Sharanya’s attention. Both the family members enjoy watching them thus. Shiv looks upset. Vyom cannot take his eyes off Sharanya. A song plays in the background. Sharanya hopes Vyom should stop teasing her. Please come in front. She keeps moving in direction of where the voice is coming from. Vyom continues teasing her. Shiv claps in the end. Sharanya comes to a room. She stops as she comes in contact of someone and happily puts haldi on him thinking him to be Vyom. Caught you! Vyom asks her whom she caught. She removes the blindfold and looks at him in confusion. She notices having put the hadi marks on the glass door and panics. Vyom walks up to her. She asks him if he is fine. He was right here. She hugs him and cries. Chandni, Madhvi and all the family members come there. They tease the couple. Vyom calls Sharanya too smart. she was shouting that she caught me and put it on me when I came to check. He asks her to give her new clothes now. Chandni remarks that looking at them it does not seem that they are not married. See how Vyom held Sharanya’s hand and took her with him. Mr. Bisht and Rajan look uncomfortable.

Odhni and Vidyut continue to play hide and seek.

Sharanya tells Vyom he is back. I tried putting haldi on you but it wasn’t you! He tells her to stop it but she insists it was him. He asks her where he was. Can you see him? He is nowhere to be seen. He replies that no one can see him. I somehow managed the drama that you created today. I wont be able to take it if anyone says anything to you! Please stop Sharanya. I fear I wont do something wrong with someone! Please stop. What has happened to you! He stands in a corner. She apologizes to him. He was there though. I don’t know how to explain it to you! Please try to understand me. He turns and looks at her. She notices something strange about him. He looks at her from top to toe. She takes a step back as he walks towards her. He suddenly holds her hair. She hits him while trying to stop him. Mr. Bisht goes to check on Sharanya .

Vyom throws Sharanya on the bed and tries to force himself on her while covering her mouth (it seems to be Shiv who is making him do this). He tears the top of her blouse in the process. Her eyes widen in shock.

Precap: Sharanya angrily throws the stuff in her rom. Rajan and Mr. Bisht are speaking about Vyom. Where did he disappear? Madhvi overhears them and is shocked. Vyom is missing? Sharanya is berserk. Shiv looks at her.

Update Credit to: Pooja


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