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Ishqbaaz 11th December 2017 Episode Written Update

Ishqbaaz 11th December 2017 Episode starts with Pinky and Jhanvi fighting over the house keys. Tej stops Shivaay and Anika and asks them about the things they are carrying in their bags, Pinky gets annoyed, Oberoi family gets shocked.

Some time back… Rudra cries and tries to stop Shivaay from leaving, Shivaay hugs Rudra. Shivaay tells Rudra to take care of everyone, Rudra cries and tells Shivaay that he will not let him leave, Shivaay says that Tej and Jhanvi are angry with him right now and when the things are fine he will come back. Pinky tells Shakti to stop Shivaay from leaving. Shakti asks Shivaay to stop, Pinky tells Anika to stop Shivaay from leaving. Shivaay tells them to handle themselves, Shivaay tells Anika to be strong and to look after the Oberoi family.

Anika says she will not live without Shivaay and that she will go with Shivaay. Shivaay says Anika doesn’t need to bear the punishment, Anika says she and Shivaay are one. Shivaay says he is unsure of what he will do, where he will go, Anika says she will be in the problem without him but not with him. Anika says she is going with Shivaay. Shakti tells Shivaay to think again, Shivaay says he has thought over, he has to go.

Tia again instigates Tej against Shivaay. Tia tells Tej that even if Shivaay goes, Tej’s motive will not be fulfilled. Tia says Shivaay will take all the important papers with him, Anika will take her expensive jewelry. Anika rests on Dadi’s lap, Dadi cries as Shivaay and Anika are leaving. Anika says even if they are far, their hearts will be together. Anika tells Dadi, that all are angry with Shivaay as everyone loves him. Dadi worries about Shivaay and Anika, Anika tells Dadi they are not alone, not to worry. Dadi cries, Anika says she cannot replace OmRu or Oberoi family but she will never leave Shivaay. Rudra tries to call Omkara to inform him, Omkara doesn’t answer, Rudra tries to call Bhavya, but the call doesn’t get through. Rudra thinks of ways to stop Shivaay and Anika. Gauri cries in Anika’s arms and tells her not to leave. Anika consoles her, Anika tells Gauri that their relationship is like Gold, Anika tells Gauri that she is with her whenever she is in need. Anika gives housekeys to Gauri, the flashback shows Dadi giving the keys to Anika. Anika tells Gauri to take care of the keys and the happiness of the Oberoi family. Pinky stops Anika from giving the keys to Gauri. Pinky says if Anika cannot keep the keys then the keys will be with her, Jhanvi hods Pinky’s hands and demands that Gauri should get the keys. Jhanvi and Pinky get in the fight for the keys, Shakti, Dadi, Anika, and Gauri try to stop them, Dadi cries bitterly. Keys fall into Shivaay’s hands. Shivaay keeps the keys on Dadi’s feet. Shivaay cries and tells Dadi that he is lost as he couldn’t keep the family together. Shivaay gets ready to leave, Anika asks if he is fine. Shivaay says until the time she is with him he will be fine, Anika says she is always with him. Shivaay asks Anika to rethink her decision, Anika says her happiness is with him, both hug. Pinky cries bitterly as Shivaay and Anika get going from Oberoi Mansion. Tej and Jhanvi come, Shivaay asks Tej about his health, Shivaay hands over latest project files to Tej. Tej and Jhanvi refuse to look at Shivaay and refuse to bless him. Tej stops Shivaay and Anika, he demands to see their bags. Pinky and Shakti get annoyed, Tej says Shivaay and Anika might be taking something in their bags. Rest of the Oberoi family gets shocked.


Rudra puts a gun on his forehead, all get shocked, Shivaay scolds Rudra, Rudra says he will shoot himself if Shivaay and Anika leave the Oberoi Mansion.


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