Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 11th December 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with AK thinking Rishi made the flowers shower on Tanuja and trying to win her heart and thinks but Tanuja is not giving him importance. He comes to Rishi and tells that he was silent and haven’t said anything. He says my would be wife….Rishi says she will never be your wife. AK says I know you wants to stop my marriage and says he saw what he done. Rishi says he showered flowers on Natasha and Tanuja, both. AK says both are his. Rishi challenges him. Netra thinks of Rishi’s words and thinks now I feel Rishi will not marry me. She calls him and hears Tanuja and Rishi’s voices and is shocked. Tanuja tells Rishi that AK saw him showering flowers on her. Rishi asks if she is scared of him.Tanuja says AK knows that I love you so much. Rishi is very happy. Tanuja says AK knows if

I have some feelings for someone. She says she misses him thinking what is his planning. Rishi asks her if she don’t feel his touch, if she don’t feel safe with him etc. Tanuja says no. Pehle dafa song plays.

Rishi says I will go tomorrow, but will return here. Tanuja thinks of what she said and asks herself to handle herself. She thinks she did a mistake by wearing ring again and thinks if she will be able to take it off anyday. Rishi comes and says you can’t take it off. AK comes and asks where is everyone? Rishi tells Myra and Natasha are playing in garden etc. AK asks are you my servant to tell this. Rishi says I am my wife’s servant. AK gets angry. They both claim Natasha to be their daughter. Myra and Natasha come there. Tanuja thinks they both love Natasha so much. Netra comes there with Tania. Natasha goes with Tania to play. Netra says she wants to talk to Rishi. Rishi takes her to guest room. Tanuja thinks why they went to room, they would have talked here too. She goes to make milk shake for the girls.

Netra asks Rishi if he don’t miss family and if he don’t want to return home. He says when he can left his mum then who is she? Netra says she has problem with Tanuja and don’t want her in his life. Rishi says Tanuja and Natasha are his life and asks her to shut up. Netra says I am your wife infront of the people.

Tanuja asks Gauri to make milk shake for girls. Gauri asks if she came alone or with your sautan. She says she must have come here to keep an eye on Rishi and you. Tanuja says she herself will make milk shake and asks her to give water to Netra. Gauri tells her that she will make her have water and teach her a lesson. Rishi claps and says you have wasted 7 years, and acted sweet, asked me to go to Tanuja and love her. He says you showed your true colors now. She asks him to take her with respect and says even she has self respect. Rishi says you are selfish and asks her to go. She says when I was silent, you all used to like me, and when I am opening my mouth you are asking me to leave.

Tanuja sees Rishi and netra in washroom and asks him what is going on. He teases her and says romance. Tanuja gets irked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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