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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th December 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Naira asking Kartik and Suwarna to be strong. Kartik says Naira is right, we both are with you. Manish assures Aryan that he is with him. Naira prays that everything gets fine. Naira sits by Suwarna’s side. Kartik sits tensed. Kirti says no one called me to tell about Aryan’s case, I will call Dadi, but she will worry if I call. Surekha asks shall we tell Kirti. Dadi says yes, but how to tell her, what will Singhanias think, Suwarna got us insulted, people will make news about us, I felt pity for Aryan, its Suwarna’s mistake, who forced Aryan to hate Kartik, I will never forgive her. Naira asks Kartik what is he thinking. He says I can’t express how much guilty I m. She says no, you didn’t do this intentionally, everyone was trying to save happiness

of the house, but everyone is upset, you can win them by love and trust, we have to do this. He asks women are really great, why didn’t Lord give us so much courage and sense. She smiles.

Devyaani and Rajshri talk about Aryan. Rajshri makes a sweater for Kirti. They find Kirti happy. Devyaani says Naksh has many responsibilities, even then he takes care of Kirti, wife should share his responsibilities, else relation will get complicated. Manish and Aryan ask each other to take rest. Manish says thanks for your concern. Aryan hugs him and cries. He says sorry, don’t know why. Manish holds him. Dadi asks where is Manish. Naira says Akhilesh is with him, talk to him. Dadi says even I m not able to forgive Suwarna. Naira asks her will she let relations fall apart. Dadi says its not in my hands. Naira says Kartik and I will help you, you will explain Manish and Shubham, please save the family from shattering. Dadi says no Naira, I can’t do this, I regret to see this day. She lies to sleep. Naira says everything will get fine.

Surekha asks Akhilesh about Manish. He says Manish is shaken up. They decide to tell Kirti, Lav and Kush about Aryan. He says don’t know when will things get normal, don’t know what will happen. Naira wakes up Kartik. He says whatever happened yesterday was a dream right. She says I wish it was, get up and face the life’s challenge. He nods. They come downstairs. Dadi and Aryan see them. Dadi goes to Kartik. Aryan gets in between. Dadi blesses him and wards off bad sight. Aryan thanks her. She goes to Kartik and Naira. She wards off their bad sight. Kartik stops Aryan. He says I know wrong happened with you, your anger is justified, but you won’t get anything by anger, you got your mum and family. Naira asks Aryan to talk to Suwarna and ask why she did this.

Kartik says I have lost many years by annoyance, don’t do this, rectify this mistake Shubham, we are very lucky to get such good parents, don’t go away, else you will regret like… Aryan asks is your lecture over. He leaves. Naira says we will keep trying Kartik, its Manish’s turn now, talk to him. Kartik looks for Manish. Manish and Aryan leave in the car. Kartik calls him out. Manish thinks why do I feel like Kartik was calling me. Aryan thanks Manish for taking him along. Kartik calls Manish. Akhilesh says Manish forgot his phone at home.

Kartik says fine, I will talk to him at office, do you think Naira and I are wrong. Akhilesh says no, Suwarna is wrong, if Surekha did this, I would have not seen her face. Lav and Kush come to Suwarna and ask why are you crying, Manish scolded you right, don’t get upset. They hug her. Surekha looks on and cries. She turns and sees Naira and Kartik. Naira thanks her for sending Lav and Kush to them. She asks why did she not go. Surekha says I wanted to go, but stopped myself, I have never hidden anything from her, I m much hurt thinking I considered her as my elder sister, she didn’t trust me. Naira says no, its wrong, think being in Suwarna’s place, we should tell Lav and Kush about Shubham. Surekha says even Kirti and Singhanias. Naira gets a call. She asks who. He says Raghav. She asks how dare you call me, I don’t want to talk to you, don’t call me again. She ends call. He calls again. She says don’t call me and disconnects. She sees Kartik. He asks who was it, you are also getting junk calls. He goes to get medicines for Suwarna.

Dadi asks Naira to make a room ready for Shubham. She asks Surekha to keep best things. Surekha says I feel weird. Dadi says I will never forgive Suwarna, she made us partner in her sin. Naira says she made a sacrifice. Dadi says we are family and will understand, world will make fun of us. Naira says let them make news. Dadi says you and Suwarna always defend each other, do my work else I will tell someone, make a room ready for Shubham, and give another room to Suwarna, Manish has told this. Naira and Kartik see Suwarna.

Naira says I don’t want to meet you. Raghav says I m already outside your house. She goes to meet her. He smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena


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