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Ishqbaaz 12th December 2017 Episode Written Update; Shivaay’s Counter Move Against Svetlana

Ishqbaaz 12th December 2017 Written Episode starts with Rudra in an attempt to stop  Shivaay and Anika from leaving Oberoi mansion takes a gun and threatens to shoot himself. Shivaay and Anika try to stop Rudra from shooting. Shivaay grabs the gun and shot in the air due to which the chandelier comes cracking down and everyone is scared.

Some time back. Tej insists on checking the bags Shivaay and Anika taking. This does not go well with Pinky and Shakti. Both have an argument with Tej. Pinky says that her son is not a thief; he is very generous and has donated everything. Tej argues that there should not be any problem in checking the bags if Shivaay and Anika have nothing to hide. Shakti tries to interfere but Shivaay stops him and offers his bags for checking. Tej says that there is no need to check the bags as based on the jewelry worn by Anika, he knows what must be in the bags.

That shocks everyone. Anika starts to take out the jewelry but Dadi gets very upset and tries to stop her. Anika consoles Dadi saying that her real jewelry is her Shivaay.  She takes out all her jewelry and Shivaay hands it over to Janhavi. Both Shivaay and Anika takes Jahnhavis blessings. Entire family except Tej and Janhavi is visibly sad. Shivaay touches Dadis feet, comforts her and tells her that she is the real strength of the family so don’t be weak and don’t send him off with tears.

He tells Gauri to take care of everyone. Anika tells Gauri to take care of everyone but not also that of hers. Both Anika and Gauri cry and hug each other. There comes Rudra with a gun and threaten to shoot himself in an attempt to stop them from leaving. Tej asks Rudra not to be childish. Shivaay gets paranoid.  Both Anika and Shivaay get into an argument to stop Rudra. Shivaay pushes Rudra and grabs the gun and shot bullets into the air. Chandelier comes down cracking. And lands in the living room.  Shivaay t drops the gun and slap Rudra and tells him never ever talk about dying. Also till date, whatever decisions taken by Shivaay has been abided by OmRu without a single question. So today is not going to be an exception. He also tells him that till Omkara is not back, Rudra will be in charge of the entire household and he will take care of everybody. Both hug and Rudra cries a lot. Like a small baby he tells Shivaay that he will do everything but please don’t go. But Shivaay does not listen to anything, he pushes Rudra and starts to leave with Anika.  Anika turns back looks at Rudra and everyone. Remembers the three brothers happy times. Teary-eyed Shivaay holds Anika’s hand walks out of the house. Everyone is crying and Rudra gets violent and starts to break things in the house. Tej comes in front of him. Rudra angrily and emotionally asks him why did Tej separate Shivaay from his family members. And now that Shivaay is left the house, Tej has succeeded in his goal of separating brothers. He has only taught sons hatred and separation. He warns Tej that he will never be happy now that he has separated the brothers.  Rudra leaves and so does Tej. Janhavi follows him. Dadi cries saying that Rudra has taken his anger out but she says to herself that Tej will not be able to answer Omkara once he is back.  She also says that Tej has lost all three sons. On the staircase, both Tia and Svetlana sitting and watching this drama are very happy and congratulating each other and starts celebrating with a glass of wine. For Svetlana, this is just the beginning. She has lots of plans to destroy Shivaay. Both sisters are sensing their victory with the dead silence in the Oberoi mansion. One parcel comes for Shivaay. Svetlana asks for its delivery. Both Shivaay and Anika are driving in the car. Shivaay is engrossed in his thoughts. She tells him to share his pain and problems with her. He refuses to do so. Svetlana takes the parcel from the delivery boy saying Shivaay is not available. She opens the letter and starts to read. She looks little worried. Shivaay speaks to someone and confirms that the parcel was given to Svetlana or not. Shivaay in his mind… it’s his plan to shift Svetlana’s focus from his family to him and his way to protect his family.


Svetlana is talking to Tia that Shivaay has been granted full access to the video recording of Kalyani mills. She should have been careful that he will do everything to protect his family. Anika wants to know the problem that has separated the family but Shivaay refuses.


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