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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th December 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Dadi taunting Suwarna. Suwarna cries and goes. Naira says we have to make everything fine Kartik. Manish says its good you came to office. Aryan says yes, I like being with you. He asks the man to ask Aryan what will he have and order from any fine dining restaurant. Aryan smiles. Manish asks are you happy. Aryan says I got my family and you, I m very happy. Naira is lost in thoughts and cooks. Kartik comes to help her. He says I didn’t go office, I didn’t have any work. She says don’t lie, I know Manish took Shubham along. He says I want them to spend time. She asks don’t you want to spend time with him. She says there’s lifetime for it, I will let them spend time as of now. She kisses him. Chocolate syrup gets on his cheek. She laughs. They talk

of their vow to support each other forever. They romance. Lav and Kush come there and ask them why did anyone not tell them about holi. Naira and Kartik make excuse that its face pack.

Naksh says why don’t we revive Greece’s memories. Baatein kuch ankahi si….plays…. She smiles. He sees her lost and jokes. He asks what do you look worried. She says I feel strange, mum always calls me every day, she didn’t message or call me. Naksh says then you call her. She says I have called her, but she didn’t answer the call. He says I will finish my work at Krishna and then we will go there. Naira and Kartik ask Suwarna not to run, as she didn’t do any mistake. Naira says we won’t let wrong happen with you. Suwarna cries and says don’t let the house get divided, just think I m wrong. Kartik says why don’t we convince them that you are not wrong, we will be on same side in the end.

Naira gets a message. She goes to do work. Aryan sees her phone ringing and answers. She takes her phone back and says you shouldn’t answer anyone’s phone like this, its not a good thing. He says I thought its an imp call. He sees Manish, Dadi and Akhilesh and loudly argues with Naira. Kartik comes and says I have heard Naira, she didn’t mean to say this. Aryan says I don’t know what happens in rich homes, my mum has ruined my life, I stayed in that village despite getting born in this big house. He sees Kirti and Naksh at the door.

He says sorry, all this came in front of you like this. Kirti says no need to apologize, I know you are my brother, Naira told me everything, how mum has hidden you for Kartik’s sake, so you wanted to hurt Kartik, relations get known with time, I know if my mum did anything, it would be for everyone’s happiness. She asks Naksh to come, they will meet Suwarna. Naira says I will get tea. She answers Raghav’s call. He asks her to meet him, he is outside her Sasural, Goenka villa. She gets tensed and goes out. She looks around and sees the car. She goes to Raghav. She asks how dare you come here, what do you want. He says you didn’t change Tina. Kartik looks for her. Raghav says we met after such a long time.

Kartik goes other way. Raghav says my business got losses, you are Singhanias’ daughter, Goenkas’ bahu, you got a lottery. We had a past in Rishikesh, you remember, if your past comes out, you know what will happen, you have to pay a little price, else…. She holds his collar and says you forgot I was Tina, no one can forget what I did with you in Rishikesh, I can even suffocate your neck, you know this well. She warns him. He leaves. She comes to Kartik and gets tensed. She thinks I didn’t think I will tell someone about this, Kartik will understand, I know him.

Naira says we did mistake to stop Suwarna. She asks Naksh and Kirti to take Suwarna with them. Suwarna cries.

Update Credit to: Amena


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