Zindagi Ki Mehak

Zindagi Ki Mehak 12th December 2017 Episode Written Update

Scene 1
Mandhar comes to Mahek and says Shaurya brought you here so he can use you. He says to Mahek don’t tell anyone I am here. I will stay here with you through the contest.
Archie says doctor think I can’t take this I can do anything for Shaurya. He leaves.
Mahek says Mandhar has misunderstanding. Shaurya’s eyes are not dirty. She says I am so confused. The RJ says close your eyes and see who comes. Mahek closes eyes and sees Shaurya. She is dazed. Mahek says what am I seeing. Mahek saays why did I see him? her conscience says why I am inside you like Shaurya and his memories. There is a relation between you and shaurya. Mahek says I am only Neev’s mom and Mandhar’s wife.

Scene 2
The contest starts. Mandhar is there as a watchman. He says

dont’ worry I wont let Shaurya come near you. Mahek says I have to go. She cooks. There is meat. Mahek says this is meat I can’t cook it. She says I can’t cook it. Manager says there is meat in your menu so you have to cook it. Shaurya says you have to cook this. This contest is for professionals. Mandhar looks at her. Mahek says I can’t cook this. I wont even touch it. Manager says to Mahek okay you can change your dish. Shaurya goes towards his room. He collides with Mandhar. Mandhar spills something on his shirt. Saurya says idiot. He goes to his room to change. Mandhar goes to manager and says shaurya has called mahek in his room. mandhar says now mahek will go there and scream and I will hit shauryaa.

Scene 3
Karuna is fixing something in the wall. Someone comes and hits her head on the wall. She faints. Its Archie. Archie says now I will see if Shaurya comes back for his mom and leaves the competition or not.
Mahek comes to Shaurya’s room. He is naked. Mahek is dazed.
Archie takes jewelry from Karuna’s closet to show it was a robbery. Dolly comes home. Archie runs from there. Dolly says vikcy come. She grasps Archie. Archie shoves her and runs. Her face is hidden. Shaurya says what are you doing here? Mahek is dazed. Shurya comes close to her. She sees a flashback. Shaurya grasps Mahek and says what is going on in your mind? I know you recall something when I come close. Mandhar is waiting for her to scream. Shaurya says i wont let you go unless you don’t tell me truth. When I come close you feel something right? Shaurya gets a call from his house. Mahek says I should go. He says I wont let you go unless you don’t tell me. How can’t you see those memories. Please tell me you have questions. Mahek says in heart how do I tell him the questions in my heart. Mahek says let me go I am married. He says yes maarried to me. And you know that too. Mandhar is not your husband. He gets a call from Vicky. He tells what happened ate the house.

Precap-Mahek gives a thread to Shaurya and says keep it near Karuna. She will be okay soon. Shaurya leaves it under Karuna’s pillow and says this is mahek’s faith. You will be okay mom.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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