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Ishqbaaz 13th December 2017 Episode Written Update;Shivaay Gives All His Properties to OmRu

Ishqbaaz 13th December 2017 Episode starts with Shivaay indicating Anika that the kids on the bus must be in trouble. Anika and Shivaay get on the bus, a man points a gun at Shivaay. Anika screams, the man holds a kid as the hostage.

Some time back… Shivaay drives towards Goa. Anika asks Shivaay about his decisions, she asks him for the truth, Shivaay says he will tell her when he feels the time is right, he tells Anika to sleep. Svetlana gets angry to see the court order granting Shivaay the access to the full video of the Kalyani Mills fire. Svetlana breaks her glass. Svetlana says Shivaay is trying to prove Tej innocent. Svetlana feels how she forgot that Shivaay will protect his family anyhow and any cost.

She feels that Shivaay will make their life miserable even from Goa. Svetlana says they have to stop Shivaay by changing the move. Shivaay and Anika stop at a Dhaba. School children get off a bus and run towards the Dhaba. Shivaay gets annoyed as the kids take all the chairs, a kid asks Shivaay to join them. Kids call Shivaay unfriendly. Anika comes and tells everything about the kid to Shivaay. Kids praise Anika and call Shivaay annoying. Kids take Anika to eat with them.

Shivaay sees a small girl who shows a smiley to Shivaay. Shivaay sits with her, the girl introduces herself as Suhani. Teachers tell kids to get back on the bus, Shivaay helps the girl. Shivaay and Anika say bye to the kids. Shivaay and Anika’s car follows the school bus, Anika tells Shivaay to drive fast so she can say bye to the kids. Anika says bye to kids, but the kids are seen tensed. Shivaay and Anika feel that something is wrong as the kids are looking scared. Suhani shows a sad smiley to Shivaay. Goa Mayor gets a call, he gets shocked and tells his assistant to call the parents of St. Francis school kids who have gone for the picnic. Shivaay says they need to do something. Shivaay says they will get on the bus as soon as it stops at barricades. The bus stops, Shivaay tries to get in, a man stops him, Shivaay says he wants to give chocolates to the kids, the man says Shivaay’s hands are empty, Anika comes with chocolate bags. Shivaay asks the teachers to permit him and Anika to get in. The driver signs at the other man to let Shivika in. Shivika get on the bus, Anika notices the fear, Shivaay notices that driver is changed. Shivaay sees the real driver being tied up and realizes that the bus has been hijacked. The man shows the gun to Shivaay and tells sShivaay to get off. Anika screams the hijacker holds a kid as the hostage. Shivaay gets o the bus, Anika remains on the bus. The parents question the Mayor and tell him to save the kids. Mayor says police has been informed. Shivaay follows the bus in the car, Anika warns the hijacker to stay away from the kids, Anika scolds him. The kids try to save Anika from the hijacker. Anika consoles the kids and says Shivaay will save them. Anika and Shivaay look at each other from the bus, Anika screams at the hijacker for touching a kid. Suddenly Anika sees Shivaay’s car missing. Dadi gets worried to see Diya getting turned off, she prays for Shivaay’s safety. Anika wonders where Shivaay went, Shivaay’s car stops in front of the bus. The hijacker holds Anika at the gunpoint. Shivaay walks towards the approaching bus, Anika gets worried, Dadi prays and tries to burn the Diya. The driver decides to run the bus over Shivaay, Anika turns the steering wheel. Rudra cries seeing ShivOmRu photo. Gauri comes to him and wipes his tears. Rudra says he feels helpless, Gauri says in difficult time a man has two ways, either break down or shine, Gauri says it is up to Rudra to either break down or shine without his brothers. Gauri says till Shivaay and Anika are not back, OmRu need to look after family and Dadi. Gauri tells Rudra to become strong, Rudra refuses. Rudra says Shivaay is like a father to him. Rudra says Shivaay is his strength, now he cannot be strong as Shivaay is gone away. Gauri consoles Rudra as he cries.


Omkara screams at Tej that Shivaay has gone on the road just for Omkara and Rudra. Omkara tells Tej to read some papers which say that Shivaay has named his stake of shares in Omkara and Rudra’s names and Shivaay left without anything from Oberoi Mansion.


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