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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th December 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Naira and Kartik giving medicines to Suwarna and taking care of her. Aryan comes. Suwarna goes to him with hope. He scolds her and says she is doing all this to get everyone’s attention, I have my dad with me, one who doesn’t have mum also survives. He goes. Suwarna cries. Naira asks Kirti to talk to Manish, maybe he understands and explains Shubham, please try.

Akhilesh asks Manish to have medicines. Manish says its a new project, Kartik is wasting time, when will he understand his life’s priorities. Kirti says when you understand… you are giving attention to something which shouldn’t be your priority now. Naksh says she is right, you should think well. Manish asks can we talk something else, I want to talk. Kartik says he is behaving like

I used to behave, its not easy to explain him. Naira says elders get impossible for sometime. He says let him do what he wants. Naira says you are right, we will do what we want. She tells Manish that Suwarna is still same for them. She says we did big mistake to stop her here, we want to rectify that mistake, we want to send her away from this house. She asks Naksh and Kirti to take Suwarna home. Aryan smiles. Naira says she will get same respect in my house which she deserves. She signs Kartik and goes. Kirti says suwarna always supported me, Naksh please… Naksh says no need to ask, its your house as well, come. Naira packs the bag. Dadi comes there.

Naira says I know what you are thinking, sorry, I won’t apologize. Dadi says you are smart, but you lack in experience. Naira says experience is for not repeating mistakes. Dadi says Suwarna’s lie is the reason of all sorrows, you shouldn’t make the problem known to everyone, your Maayka is Kirti’s Sasural, who gave you right to do this. Naira says rights are snatched from this house. Dadi says you are crossing your limits, you don’t need to interfere. Naira says you are the head of the family, anyone would have accepted your decision, mum and dad need your maturity, you can scold them, think about it, for whom did Suwarna do this, she did this for Manish’s children, you can see her mistake, not her sacrifice, why are you punishing her, I m afraid it may get late till you understand this. She goes.

Naira and Kirti get Suwarna downstairs. Suwarna cries and recalls everyone’s words. Kartik argues with Akhilesh. Manish stops Suwarna. He asks her not to leave. He says Naira, I hope you are listening, she is my wife first and then your mum, our relation is not like before, but its still our relation, we will sort out everything ourselves. Suwarna smiles. Naira takes Suwarna to her room. Manish says don’t misunderstand me, I stopped Suwarna so that Singhanias don’t joke on us. Dadi says you did right, but you know Kartik, he doesn’t listen to anyone.

Naksh tells everything to his family. He says Kartik and Kirti understand Suwarna’s sacrifice. Kirti says we all are with her. Rajshri says we understand. Devyaani says Suwarna did right, but Manish is affected by her decision. Rajshri says the problem will be solved soon. Naksh and Kirti leave. Baisa says they had only one son, now another one has come, they can estrange Naira and Kartik to get close with Aryan.

Aryan comes to Lav and Kush. They run away. Aryan gets sad. Dadi says don’t worry, I didn’t get time to tell them, kids listen to Naira and Kartik more. Aryan says I can’t wait more, I got a family for the first time, kids think I m still a servant. Manish comes to guest room. He asks servant what’s this smell. Servant says its mosquito repellent. Manish says I have allery, where will I sleep now. Naira smiles. Manish comes to his room and sleeps. Suwarna looks on. Naira hugs Kartik and says our plan succeeded. He says Manish doesn’t know his bahu. She says Lord is supporting us. He says such trivial things teach us, we should never give up and find a solution. They say I love you to each other. He says we will celebrate. She says promise me, we will always support each other. He gives her flowers and says yes. He switches on the lights. She smiles seeing the decorative lights. Chukar gai….plays….. they romance. Naira gets Raghav’s call and gets shocked.

Kartik sees Naira’s pic in Raghav’s wallet. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


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