Ek Deewana Tha

Ek Deewana Tha 14th December 2017 Episode Written Update

Sharanya begins to walk towards them when a flower pot falls right in front of her. She looks up and notices Vyom walking on the railing of the building. Sharanya rushes upstairs. She tells him to listen to her once. I wont discuss yesterday’s incident with anyone. Hold my hand if you love me even a little. He comes down from the railing. She tells him she isn’t upset with him. Let’s go downstairs. Vyom suddenly holds Sharanya by her neck shocking her. He lifts her above the ground and then throws her in a water tank. She shouts after him to get her out of here but he covers the lid. She continues to shout after him. Get me out of here please. Vyom walks away. Sharanya continues to shout for help.

Vyom comes downstairs. Madhvi asks him where he was. He looks at her strangely.


cries of help go unheard. Shiv appears behind her. She begins to feel cold.

Madhvi shakes Vyom repeatedly to shake him out of his reverie. Where were you? He asks her why she is crying. She asks him why he dint tell anyone anything.

Sharanya is struggling in the water tank.

Rajan and Mr. Bisht also ask Vyom about his whereabouts. You said you wanted to stay here but Mr. Bisht told me you weren’t here. Sharanya was so worried for you. Vyom asks about her. Mrs. Bisht says she was right here but then went out for a minute. Aditya goes to check in her room.

Sharanya senses Shiv’s presence near her and panics. Somebody help me! Please get me out of here. She begins to breathe heavily.

Rajan again asks Vyom where he was. Aditya tells everyone that Sharanya is not in her room. Vyom asks for his phone. I will call her. Nawab also comes there. Rati finds Sharanya’s phone. Rajan tells everyone not to panic. We will look around.

Sharanya has become tired.

Everyone heads in different direction to find Sharanya. Nawab hears Sharanya’s voice.

Sharanya is tired of trying anymore (and the oxygen supply factor too). She begins to lose conscious. Nawab starts pounding at the water tank’s lid and starts barking. Sharanya shouts his name hearing his bark. I am here Nawab! Shiv looks up. Nawab barks to alert his family. Sharanya tells him to bring her parents. I am here.

Mrs. Bisht panics. Don’t know where she is. Madhvi hopes it would be better if she never returns. Chandni calls Sharanya irresponsible. How can she leave her mehendi like this? Vyom counters her. This is not the time to talk about all this. Nawab comes running inside. He barks at them and even pulls at Mr. Bisht’s kurta. They tell him they will find Sharanya. They decide to call police. Mrs. Bisht begins to cry. Did she get in any problem? Vyom is about to go looking for her when Madhvi says she went somewhere on her own. He replies that she would not have done it intentionally. She might be in some problem. Madhvi does not mind. Rajan tells her to shut up.

Vyom wonders where Sharanya is.

Freddy and Odhni are on the way to Kapali Hills. Odhni is sleeping. She sees visions of Sharanya struggling in a place which is full of water, Shiv’s sketch and a bloodied knife. She makes Freddy stop the car and begins walking when she notices the Milestone of Kapali Hills. Flashes of Solar eclipse, the accident haunt her again. Freddy points out that they are just 10 kms away. She tells him that Vyom and Sharanya need their help. We will go to Kapali Hills. Vyom and Sharanya are in a very big problem right now.

Nawab notices the tap and gets atop the sink. He drops the bowls intentionally and starts barking. Everyone looks in that direction. Nawab manages to turn the tap on. Everyone goes to check on him when they see red colour water coming out from the tap. Their eyes widen in shock. Vyom deduces that she is in water tank. They all rush upstairs. Sharanya shouts for her father hearing voices coming close. Shiv hides seeing Vyom opening the lid of water tank. Water in the tank has turned red completely. She somehow manages to hold Vyom’s hand. They pull her out.

Sharanya hugs Vyom but then recalls it was Vyom only who threw her inside the tank. Yesterday’s incident also flashes before her. Vyom asks her how she fell in here. Everyone asks her the same question. Sharanya looks at Vyom in shock. Aditya coves her with a jacket. She looks at Vyom in shock. He asks her what happened. She asks him to come but he tells her it is more important to visit a doctor first. She says we don’t have time. He asks her what she is referring to.

Shayari – I will be blessed if you will keep me in your thoughts. I will be heartbroken if you will walk away from me. Wishes and love is mine. You may go far from me but you will always be able to see me. (hope I am close)

Precap: Both the families are outside temple. Vyom throws Sharanya away. Sadhvi hears her scream. Later, Sharanya shouts at Vyom to come to her. I am your Sharanya. I will help you. Just come to me.

Update Credit to: Pooja


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