Ishqbaaz 14th December 2017 Episode Written Update;Shivaay is HERO!

Ishqbaaz 14th December 2017 Episode starts with Anika refusing to get off the bus leaving Shivaay, Shivaay insists Anika to get down, Anika says she will die with Shivaay but will not live without him. Both make a Pinky promise, Anika jumps out, the bus falls in the water and blasts, Anika screams Shivaay’s name.

Some time back… Anika turns the steering wheel, the bus turns in other direction and stops on the age of cliff, the driver becomes unconscious. Shivaay gets on the bus and makes the children and the teachers get out of the bus. Anika sees two kids crying, Anika consoles them, the hijacker tries to attack Anika, Shivaay beats him up and throws him out of the bus, the bus moves towards the cliff edge. Shivaay tells Anika to open the emergency door, Anika helps kids get out from the emergency exit.

The bus starts losing balance, Shivaay tells Anika to get out of the bus, Anika refuses to leave Shivaay behind. Dadi prays for Shivaay and Anika’s safety. Anika tells Shivaay she can die with him but not live without him. Anika and Shivaay argue, bus moves towards the cliff. Shivaay forces Anika and says as soon as she jumps he will follow her. Anika asks for Pinky promise from Shivaay, both share Pinky promise emotionally. Anika jumps out, bus falls off the cliff into the water, Anika screams Shivaay’s name and cries bitterly.

The school kids hug Anika and cry. Pinky cries and blames Tej and Jhanvi for throwing Shivaay out. Pinky worries about Shivaay. Shakti consoles Pinky. Pinky decides to leave the Oberoi Mansion, Shakti stops Pinky and says that Dadi needs them. Pinky agrees, she says they need to stay in Oberoi Mansion to look after Dadi, get Shivaay back and to teach a lesson to Tej. Shivaay manages to climb up from the cliff, Anika sees Shivaay, Dadi prays and Diya lights up with the scented stick. Kids thank Shivaay for saving them, Shivaay imagines Omkara and Rudra in the kids and says he will rectify everything. Flashback is seen where a young Shivaay hugs young Omkara and Rudra. Shivaay tells the kids about OmRu, Shivaay says OmRu are his world. Anika runs to Shivaay and consoles him as Shivaay cries bitterly remembering Omkara and Rudra. Shivaay and Anika cry and support each other. Pinky overhears Tej and Jhanvi’s conversation. Jhanvi tells Tej to relax, Tej says since Shivaay is gone he will be fine. Tej says he is worried about Omkara’s reaction. Jhanvi and Tej feel sad about the situation, Tej says this is all because of Shivaay and that they need to take care of Omkara and Rudra. Pinky gets angry and thinks that she will never forgive Tej and Jhanvi and that they will have to repent. Next day morning the Mayor appreciates Shivaay and Anika for saving the kids. The Mayor recognizes Shivaay and offers help to set up a new business of Shivaay. The Mayor offers Shivaay to stay in VIP Guest Room, Shivaay says he has a house in Goa. The Mayor informs Shivaay that life in Goa is slow, Anika says Shivaay makes the time move according to his wish.


Omkara screams at Tej for throwing Shivaay out, Omkara says Shivaay came down to roads for Omkara and Rudra. Omkara gives papers to Tej which say that Shivaay has transferred all his shares in Omkara and Rudra’s names.


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