Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 14th December 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with AK coming to Rishi. He tells Tanuja is marrying him and he is very happy. He asks Rishi to do the arrangements. Rishi says lucky man. AK thinks he is cooking something. Kanchal comes there to meet Netra. .Netra gets happy seeing her. Rishi tells Tanuja that you said mehendi and sangeet will be on the same day. Tanuja says yes. Rishi says when you have decided to marry AK then it is ok, it is a last wedding. Tanuja thinks her marriage will not break with AK. Rishi promises that he will not create any problem. Tanuja tells that she don’t believe him. Rishi asks her to enjoy all the moments and says he will do the arrangements. Kanchal asks Netra about Rishi. Netra says he went for a new assignment. Kanchal asks if she gets bored. Beeji says Netra and me are most busy. She

asks her schedule. Netra tells her schedule. Kanchal says she got tired of listening it. Netra brings tea. Kanchal says she wants to talk to her. AK talks to Rohit and asks him to settle some case. Rishi says now his perspective is changed and he wants them to enjoy their wedding. AK says my mood is bad, don’t talk nonsense things. He suggests him to file case on the Narula. AK says you are looking changed and says you gave me right advice for first time. He thanks him. Tanuja comes to AK and says now she wants to enjoy her functions and all of them will happen at the decided mahurat. AK agrees. Tanuja thinks something is going on Rishi’s mind.

Tanuja says she wants couple dance in sangeet. Rishi says he can call Remo, Farah..etc. AK asks them to call Farah. Rishi thinks he can do anything to delay her marriage and will not tell her anything before doing.

Netra asks her mum why she said that in hall. Kanchal tells that people are gossiping about her and saying that Rishi used her and left her with a baby. Natasha says this is my own house. Kanchal says Bedis are using you and made you Nany of Tania. Netra asks her to stop it. Tania comes there and hugs Netra. She asks kanchan how is she? Netra asks her to reply. Rishi asks Manoj to come there for few days. Tanuja asks Rishi why he called Manoj to stay there. Just then Beeji calls Rishi and tells that she had a fight with Rano. Rishi says he will come and asks Tanuja if he can take Natasha to home. Tanuja refuses. Natasha asks Rishi why did he ask and tells that she is related to him somehow. Rishi tells Tanuja that she is doing wrong by keeping daughter away from her father. He tells Natasha that he will come for her. Song plays…Rishi goes. Natasha asks Tanuja why she hates Rishi. Tanuja says she don’t want to say. Rishi talks to Manpreet and tells that he has changed his plan and give up infront of Tanuja. Now she will feel guilty and might be thinking about me. Tanuja thinks she did wrong with Rishi and feels guilty.

Kanchal asks Rishi to promise and marry her daughter Netra. Rishi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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