Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th December 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Naira thinking I can’t tell this to Kartik. Kartik shows his friend Anubhav’s digital photo invitation. She says this girl Sakshi is my friend. He says it means my friend is marrying your friend. She says Sakshi used to come to ashram, she told me she belongs to a good family. He says it will be fun to tease bride’s friend, Anubhav was known to have arranged marriage, he was heartbroken, he said he loves Sakshi madly, his family is also happy, I hope Sakshi brings happiness in his life, like my wife got happiness in my life. She hugs him and thinks I also want this.

Naksh says why does this mean, when we get affection of one, we lost other one. She says I wanted to see my entire family together, everything shattered after mum’s death, I got a

hope by Naira’s coming, why is life testing us. He says life tests those who has strength to fight, we will face this together. Naira cries and thinks I have hidden this from you Kartik, why did Lord put me in this situation.

Its morning, Lav and Kush come to Manish and Suwarna’s room and fight. Manish and Suwarna solve their fight. Suwarna says everyone should get a chance to justify. Kartik asks Naira to call Sakshi and talk. She says I will talk later. Lav and Kush come and say we said whatever you told us. Kartik says what did Manish say. Lav and Kush tell them. Kartik says thanks, I have to talk about Aryan. Akhilesh asks Surekha to get file from Manish’s room. Lav and Kush give chocolates to Aryan and welcome him home. Aryan hugs them and says I m with you now, I will take care of everything, come we will play. They say no, we have to go school, we will play in evening. They leave. Kartik and Naira see Aryan. Aryan asks did you tell them, they were rude. Naira says be patience and try, you will win their hearts easily. Kartik says you should start with your mum, you did wrong with her. Aryan taunts him and goes. Kartik says he is so foolish. Naira says I wish he understands soon.

Naksh says I will work from home today. Bau ji says we will get time to spend with you. Bhabhimaa asks Kirti to check calender. Kirti says yes, its Poornima tomorrow. She says oh God, this week…. Kartik says its Manish’s wedding anniversary, Kirti messaged me, I didn’t bother all these days, he always remembered my birthday, I feel ashamed. She says its good you got to know truth now. He says we can use this anniversary. Dadi asks them to end this matter.

Akhilesh says it will hurt them more. Naira says maybe their annoyance ends. Dadi says maybe we lose respect by any sudden drama in the party, its Suwarna’s mistake, but talks will be about Manish and us. Suwarna looks on. Akhilesh says we should tell this in a proper way, what will we do if the couple is not happy. Naira says maybe they start talking. Kartik says we should make a try. Dadi says think about Manish. Naira and Kartik say we won’t lose hope. Dadi says Naira, you made Kartik stubborn like you. Kartik says its not Naira’s mistake. Dadi says its my mistake, do what you want, your reputation shouldn’t be tarnished. She goes. They see Suwarna at the door. Kartik asks her not to worry, they will try their best. Suwarna goes. Kartik says I m sure this will work, I m getting late for meeting. Naira hugs and says I love you. He leaves.

Naira comes to Dadi. Dadi says come later, I m busy. Naira says just two mins. Dadi says you find ways to trouble me, go and let me sit in peace. Naira says Guru ji called on landline, your phone maybe off. Dadi asks are you mad, could you not tell me before, what would Guru ji think about me, that I speak to my bahu rudely. Naira says talk to Guru ji, I will come to get scolding later.

Aryan argues with Naira. He says you will throw a party and not tell anyone that I m son of this house, you want to insult me. She says person has to think about entire family, you don’t see anything, not even Suwarna, she did that being helpless, what are you doing, you are taking revenge from Suwarna, but hurting entire family, Manish is bearing punishment too, we will keep anniversary party, support us if you understand, else stand silently, we won’t expect any help and won’t bear anything wrong. He goes.

Sakshi comes and meets her. Naira hugs her. Sakshi says I promised you, I will invite you in my marriage. Kartik says I know, come with me, I need to talk something about Raghav. Sakshi worried. Naira says he is back in our lives. Kartik talks to Anubhav and says everyone will come in your marriage. Raghav looks at him and follows. Naira says I m much tensed, I have to tell this to Kartik. Sakshi says such things are not told. Kartik says he will understand. Sakshi says I can’t get courage to tell this to Anubhav. Naira says when Kartik knows I lied to him, he will be much hurt, I can’t tolerate this, instead staying in fear, its better to end the matter. Sakshi asks her not to take such a big risk.

Naira says I scolded Raghav, but I know him, he will not sit quietly, he would be upto something. Raghav collides with Kartik and drops his wallet. Kartik sees Naira’s pic in his wallet and gets shocked Sakshi says don’t worry, nothing will happen.

Kartik asks Raghav about the pic. Raghav says I lost her. Kartik comes to Naira.

Update Credit to: Amena


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