Zindagi Ki Mehak

Zindagi Ki Mehak 14th December 2017 Episode Written Update; Mehak Wins!

Scene 1
Karuna wakes up. She says you shouldd go and focus on the contest. Dolly says Karuna is right. Archie says lets go. Dolly says no you stay here. Shaurya leaves. Mandhar says to MAhek come with me. She says I wont go anywhere. I will look after chachi and then complete this contest then come with you.

Kanta’s head is bleeding. People pick her up and call doctor. She calls Shaurya. Mandhar forces Mahek to come with him. She locks him in the room and runs. Mandhar says you are doing wrong. The finals start. Mahek says is ma okay? He says yes. Kanta comes. Shaurya says who did this? Where is Mandhar? Mahek says I locked him. We have to stay calm till contest. Shaurya says you go start working. Mahek is nervous. Shaurya calls Neev and asks him to talk to Mahek. Mahek talks to him.

He says ma don’t be nervous ma. Good luck. The contest starts. Mahek cooks.
She displays her dish for serving. The judges taste her dish. They announce the winner is white chillies. Kanta hugs Mahek. She hugs Shaurya. Mahek is about to hug Shaurya. Shaurya shakes hand with her. They give her sheild. Mahek says I should go now. She goees towards mandhar. Shaurya says we have to stop her. She comes ouside the room but he isn’t there. Mandhar is hidden in a corner and crying. She says why are you crying. Please come with me. I know i did wrong but I was helpleess. She takes him out. He pretends to cry. Mahek says I am sorry. He says my wife doesn’t care about me at all. You locked me in there for that man. She says I had to do this to get you out. You injured chachi. Mandhar syas is it over? Come with me. She says I won the contest but I can come after chirstmas party. He says okay then come with me after that. Mahek says in heart I need answers. Shaurya comes there.

Mandhar sits in Kanta’s feet and says I am sorry. Shaurya syas what is going on in his mind. Kanta says stop it. Kanta and Shaurya leave. Kanta says how will we stop her now? he says we know it wont be easy. Kanta says Mandhar will do something. Shaurya says we will counter it.

Scene 2
Mahek comes to neev. He tells her what he wants from Santa Claus. Mahek sits next to dadu. She says why do I have so many questions. WHy I feel like i know things that I can’t recall.

Shaurya comes to restaurant. He asks vicky to stay home with Karuna. He says mahek I know you will recall everything with this. He says where is what I called for.
Archie meets Mandhar and says you will leave. The car will take you. Shaurya sees Mandhar talking to someone. he reverses and can’t see the face of other person.
Archie says your car will meet accident. Mahek will die. You have to take vandana form here. Shaurya comes towards them. He sees Archie with Mandhar. Shaurya says what are you doing with him?

Precap-Shaurya says to Mahek’s mother’s picture I want to bring her memory back in this party. I wont be easy. Mandhar says today she will be killed.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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