Ek Deewana Tha

Ek Deewana Tha 15th December 2017 Episode Written Update

Vyom takes Sharanya out of water tank. Sharanya hugs him and then recalls it was him only who threw her inside and his other strange behavior. She tells him to go with him, they don’t have time. Family members ask where, but she doesn’t respond and leaves with Vyom.

Inspector tells Odhni to park car and go walking to Kapali Hills. There is a fair for solar eclipse day, so they can’t take car ahead. Freddy gets lost into thoughts hearing solar eclipse. He says 2 years ago, there was a fair as well. Same day Sharanya had accident. Odhni says that means everything is connected and secret is hidden in Kapali Hills.

Sharanya brings Vyom to temple. Vyom and family members ask why they came to temple all of a sudden. She tells everyone that Vyom is possessed by a spirit.


tells Freddy that she doesn’t believe in coincidences. They got stuck in traffic and inspector sent them to locker room to put their stuff. She feels they are close to the truth. She takes out a key that she got from Rajan’s house. They open a locker and it has knife that was used to kill someone. Freddy says they know Rajan murdered someone, but don’t know whose. Once fingerprints match, no one can save Rajan.

Sharanya’s dad says she started nonsense again. Sharanya says this is truth. Spirit that was behind her is inside Vyom now. Vyom forced himself on her during mehendi night and today when she went on terrace to find him, he was walking on the edge and when she gave her hand to save him, he grabbed her neck and threw her in water tank. Everyone is shocked. Vyom asks why he would do that. Sharanya says that was not him, it was a spirit. She started hating him after mehendi night, but today when he tried to kill her, she understood it’s not Vyom. He can never hurt her. She says they don’t have time and asks him to go inside. He says there is nothing like that. She pulls him. Vyom stops at the stairs and his ghost behavior comes out. Sadhvi feels that Sharanya needs her. Vyom throws Sharanya feets away and his body posture becomes weird. Everyone is shocked and scared. Rajan goes near him and asks him to come home, everything will be alright. Vyom grabs him and chokes him. Everyone tries to free Rajan from Vyom. Vyom pushes everyone and screams like an animal. Everyone is scared. Vyom runs away. Everyone follows him. Sadhvi prays Goddess to help Sharanya.

Everyone is searching for Vyom in forest. They call him out. Chandni says to herself that Vyom needs a doctor. Like Sharanya, he has gone mad too. Vyom comes down to her, hanging upside down. He grabs her hair. She screams and is scared. He pushes her away. Chandini everyone everyone, he’s really possessed. Sharanya calls Vyom to come in front of her. She will help him. He comes. Sharanya says, free him. She won’t let anything happen to Vyom till she is there. Vyom/spirit says something in thick voice (couldn’t hear clearly). Sharanya tells Rajan to keep Vyom there, don’t let him go anywhere. She will be back soon. Sadhvi says she can feel Sharanya is there, she is in trouble. She calls Sharanya to her and she will help her. She can’t go outside the temple.

Rajan again goes closer to Vyom. Vyom slaps him and disappears again. Everyone searches him.

Sharanya comes to temple and asks Sadhvi to do something. Vyom is possessed. Sadhvi gives her a sacred thread and asks her to tie it on Vyom’s hand and chant shlok when doing it. It’ll destroy all evilness. Be brave, Goddess is with her.

Poem: Jaise saanso se dhadkan ho rahi ho judaa, jaise khamoshi ke shor se aaye sada, ruksate aise hi kuch kar rahi hai zindagi se, chal kehte hai tumse aakhri alvida.

Precap: Sharanya grabs Vyom and ties thread on his hand changing shloks.

Update Credit to: Simmy


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