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Ishqbaaz 15th December 2017 Episode Written Update; Omkara Rips into Tej

Ishqbaaz 15th December 2017 Episode starts with Shivaay getting emotional talking to Rudra and Dadi. Tej informs Omkara about Shivaay’s decisions and actions. Some time back… Shivaay and Anika reach their Goa home. Anika likes the place, the watchman informs Shivaay about the tenants and tells Shivaay that there is no electricity due to the power cut.

Anika feels that someone is watching them from the window on the first floor, watchman says no one is in the house as tenants have moved out. Shivaay stops Anika from entering the house, Shivaay brings a candle and says Anika being the Laxmi of the house he needs to have proper GrihPravesh for her. Shivaay performs the ritual with the candle, Anika gets emotional. Shivaay makes kumkum mark on Anika’s forehead with red sketch pen and asks her to enter the house by pushing the rice bowl with her foot.

Shivaay makes Anika walk on the powder coated floor for her footprints. Anika slips, Shivaay holds her in his arms, the house gets lit up. Anika likes the house and decides to decorate the house. Anika says she will be a great GL (Grih Laxmi). Anika dreams of waking up early every day, cleaning up the house, cooking and making tiffin for Shivaay. Shivaay says Anika will not be able to do it as Anika cannot get up early, Anika cannot cook and that he has never seen Anika cleaning the house.

Anika says she can improve. Anika takes up the challenge of becoming the perfect woman of the house. Shivaay remembers Rudra and gets emotional, Anika realizes that Shivaay is missing home, Shivaay worries about Omkara’s reaction to the whole situation. Anika tells Shivaay that Omkara is a wise man and Gauri will take care of him. Shivaay worries about Rudra. Shivaay asks Anika to sleep and that he will join her later. Pinky gets angry to see a servant taking low salt soup for Tej, pinky diverts servant’s attention and adds salt to the soup. Pinky thinks of her revenge. Dadi tells Rudra to call Shivaay and to check on him. Rudra calls Shivaay, Shivaay gets emotional, he thinks he cannot be weak now. Shivaay wipes his tears and answers Rudra’s call. Shivaay, Rudra, and Dadi get emotional, Shivaay cuts the call as he cannot stop his tears. Tej scolds the servant for extra salt in the soup, servant says Pinky had come in the kitchen to drink water, Tej screams Pinky’s name, Pinky thinks she will destroy Tej’s life at any cost. Next day morning, Pinky asks Dadi for skipping breakfast. Pinky taunts Tej, Pinky and Tej argue, Dadi scolds them. Omkara enters in Oberoi Mansion, Rudra hugs him, Omkara looks angry and refuses to hug Jhanvi. Omkara goes to Tej and says he is upset as Tej has no value for his family. Omkara says Tej snatched Shivaay from him. Tej tells Omkara that Shivaay is not his brother, Tej informs Omkara about Shivaay’s decisions and actions. Omkara says for him and Rudra, Shivaay is the most valuable. Tej blames Shivaay saying Shivaay brought Omkara and Rudra on the road. Omkara denies and tells Tej that Shivaay brought himself on the road for Omkara and Rudra. Omkara gives stamp papers to Tej and says Shivaay has transferred his shares and his wealth in the names of Omkara and Rudra. All get shocked, Pinky panics. Omkara says Shivaay has done everything for his family but Tej and Jhanvi threw him out from the same family. Tej thinks Shivaay has some new plan. Omkara warns Tej from speaking against Shivaay. Omkara feels Tej has some plan against Shivaay. Omkara congratulates Tej for succeeding in separating ShivOmRu. Jhanvi tries to explain herself to Omkara, he refuses to listen to Jhanvi and tells Jhanvi that she has made the biggest mistake by letting Shivaay go. Rudra apologizes to Omkara for not being able to stop Shivaay, Omkara scolds Rudra for not going with Shivaay and letting him go alone. Omkara says Shivaay always gave love, trust, and happiness, but he never got it from the Oberoi family. Omkara says the family gave Vanvas to Shivaay and walks off.


Tej says he is irritated with everyday fights and hence there will be two separate kitchens, Pinky says why only kitchen, divide the Oberoi house, Dadi cries and says Tej and Pinky have made pieces of her heart.


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