Ek Deewana Tha

Ek Deewana Tha 18th December 2017 Episode Written Update

Sadhvi gives a holy thread to Sharanya. Tie it on his hand while thinking of Mata Rani. He will become normal. Just have faith. Everything will be fine. Sharanya leaves. Sadhvi prays for Sharanya. Just give her strength Mata Rani.

Chandni’s son is looking for Vyom. Vyom is hiding right behind him. He lunges at him from behind and sits on his shoulders. Vidyut runs to stop him but Vyom manages to throw him. Vyom jumps down and starts running. They all reach there but Vyom goes missing again. Madhvi shouts at Vyom to come. Your mother is calling out to you. Talk to me. Where are you? Vyom steps forward. He says Vyom but is overpowered. Everyone looks scared. Vyom slaps her when she tries to make him talk. He starts shouting in strange voice. Sharanya reaches there. Bishts tell her not to

go closer to Vyom. Sharanya insists upon talking to the spirit. She tells her parents to let her go. She walks ahead paying no heed to anyone’s warnings. Vyom has extended his hand towards her. Vyom (spirit) slaps Sharanya. She stops anyone from intervening.

Sadhvi ji is thinking upon Mata Rani. Durga Chalisa plays in the background.

Vyom keeps making strange voices. Vyom gestures Sharanya to come to him. He tries hitting her but she holds both his hands behind his back. She starts chanting Durga Mantra in his ears. He screams, shouts and jumps in pain but she does not let go. Everyone looks on in shock. She manages to tie the holy thread on his hand and does not stop chanting the mantra. Vyom passes out.

Vyom is in the house. Chandni wonders why the ghost is after them. Madhvi panics. Why is that ghost after my son? What’s happening to him? Tell me if you know something Rajan. Why are you hiding it from me? Rajan replies that it is time they know the truth. Till date, whenever I used to speak to Sharanya, she used to say that there is some spirit around her but I never believed her. Now I too feel there is someone. Some spirit is after Vyom. I don’t know! Vyom gains conscious. Madhvi asks him if he is fine. He looks at everyone. What am I doing here? He notices Vidyut and his cousin’s wounds. How did you 2 get hurt? Vidyut says he is asking after hitting us! Sharanya helps him sit. Everything is fine. Just tell me what the last thing that you remember is. Vyom sees flashes of him being taken to the temple. What are you saying? How did I come here? She agrees to tell him everything but first tell me what the last thing that you remember is. He shares that he was applying haldi on her. You disappeared somewhere and we started looking for you! She tells him that the spirit she always spoke about entered inside him. You were possessed! You tried to misbehave with me in that condition; you even threw me in the water tank attempting to kill me. She relates everything to him (in mute). He asks her if she is mad. I cannot do this. She nods. I know you cannot do this. It was the spirit which made you do this. He does not want us to be together so he possessed your body. Madhvi blames Sharanya. Have you ever seen my son like this? His life has become hell since you have come in his life! I wont let his marriage happen come what may!

Sharanya requests her to trust her. This is the only way to fix everything. She folds her hands. Please say yes for our alliance. Madhvi tells her to stop her acting and walks away in a huff. Vyom is in thoughts. Rajan says let the preps continue like before. I trust Sharanya. Wedding will happen just the way she wants it – before solar eclipse! Vidyut tries saying something but Rajan advises him to forget whatever happened. It would be a family wedding. I don’t want any drama. Chandni wonders if they should continue getting beaten. She walks out scared. Everyone leaves from the room except Sharanya.

Sharanya holds Vyom’s hand. Shiv stares at them. Sharanya caresses Vyom’s face. Don’t remove this holy thread ever. Keep it close to you. It is only a matter of a day! He does not even look in the eye. She asks him if he will support her. He asks her the same question. She promises to be with him always. He looks at her emotionally. I am sorry.

Bishts are sitting quietly. Sharanya keeps tray on table. Mrs. Bisht wonders how much God will test them. We thought everything is fine since you gained conscious but we don’t understand when our problems will end. We saw Vyom’s condition. Problems are not going to end. Sharanya assures her everything will be fine if they will fight together. Aditya points out that their problems is ghost who they cannot see, touch or hear. That ghost can do anything. He can get inside anyone and make anyone do anything. How will we fight with him? Sharanya says we will fight every time like we did today. Mrs. Bisht says it isn’t easy. What if anything goes wrong? Shiv looks upset. Mr. Bisht says I too am worried seeing Vyom’s condition. Whatever it is, it wants ill for our family! Sharanya tells him to not think too much. Mr. Bisht recalls that they shifted to this new house but forgot to bring the idol of their Kuldevi. How can we be safe without her? Whatever this power is, it will fall weak before Devi Ma’s power! I must go to Devprayag today and bring it!

Shiv looks at the idol and a book kept nearby.

Shayari – don’t knock at the door of death while looking for life. Your days are over. Your days are now over. You will soon end up as a story!

Precap: Sharanya refuses to marry without her father. Shiv refuses to let anyone come between him. She is only mine! Mr. Bisht reaches his home. He notices the book kept near the idol. Such a big danger is lurking on my daughter’s head? He limps out of his way but then falls down. Shiv is standing near him.

Update Credit to: Pooja


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