Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 18th December 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Rishi bringing bouquet for Tanuja. Tanuja asks her not to play with Natasha’s feelings. Rishi says she is my daughter and you think I will play emotional game with her. She asks if he is taking revenge. Rishi asks what is your problem and says when I am going far from you and is silent, and you are feeling bad. Le Jaaye Kahan plays…….Natasha sees Rishi and says she is coming. She falls down and gets hurt. AK and Rishi run to her. Natasha cries. Ak tries to pacify her. Rishi takes her and asks her not to cry. Tanuja asks her to come and says she will apply medicine.

Kanchal asks Netra to do as she says. Rano comes there and asks Netra to do as she said. Kanchal says this is the way to make him agree. AK blames Rishi as Natasha fell down from stairs. Rishi says she is

my daughter and says you can’t do anything. He says my blood will be mine only. AK says she fell because of you. Rishi says she is a child and fell down, thank god you are not a lawyer. AK asks him to get habitual to lose and says once I marry Tanuja, I will not let you come near my house. Rishi says this is your second mistake and says I let my daughter stay here, but I will win the case by hook or crook. Rano calls Rishi and tells him that Tania met with an accident. Rishi says he will come. Netra asks Rano why did she say bad thing about her daughter. Kanchal asks Netra to think how she is feeling and says you was with Tania since 7 years and I am with you since your birth.

Rishi comes to the place and searches for Tania. He calls Rano and asks where are you? Rano says she is behind him. He comes to them and asks netra where is Tania? Netra says Tania is at home. Rishi sees them standing near the high court. Kanchal says when I went to your house in morning, you were not there, and tells that she thought to get her daughter’s rights, and asks him to marry Netra, and says atleast I can tell in society. Netra asks Rishi to marry her for society’s sake. Rishi refuses.

Kanchal asks if he don’t care about society. Rishi asks her why did she send her daughter to his house, and asks if she didn’t think about society then, and says you wanted your daughter to marry already married man as I was married to Tanuja then, and calls her shameless to leave her daughter there, even though he asks her to leave several times. Kanchal tells Rano that her son is hurting her and goes to sit in car. Rishi tells Netra that he never saw her with love or made her feel that he loves her, and says one thing is common between us and tells that they are Tania’s parents, and their relation ends there itself.

He tells Netra that once Tanuja asked if she returns then if Netra will leave. He says I told her that Netra will not go as she is Tania’s mum. He says he didn’t think that Tanuja will refuse, but then also said that. He promises her that Tanuja will be back and tells that she will give love to Tania when she gets to know that Tania is Smilie’s daughter for whom she fought with entire family. He tells her that he will marry her if Tanuja marries someone else, but he won’t let this happen. Netra says she will talk to her mum. AK hears the last conversation and gets shocked.

AK tells Tanuja that he went to court today for business meet and heard Rishi and Netra’s conversation, Rishi was saying that he loves only Tanuja. Tanuja gets emotional.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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