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Kumkum Bhagya 18th December 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Sangram Singh catching Disha and Purab. He tells her that he thought to marry her, but she fooled him and married Purab. He talks cheaply and tells her that once Pandit comes, he will make us marry. Disha slaps him and says how can you think of marrying a married woman and that too infront of her husband. Sangram says now you are married and have right to throw tantrums. Purab asks Sangram not to touch his wife. Sangram says he will touch her after marriage right infront of Purab’s eyes, and says I will become her groom, and asks what you will be.

Abhi and Pragya come to Haryana. Abhi calls Taxi. Pragya says when you can arrange aircraft, then you can arrange cab also. Abhi says there is no network and says you will be illiterate always. Pragya says she

was once a teacher. She sees temple and stops to pray. Abhi thinks if her prayer will bring cab for us. He sees goons coming in jeep and thinks where did he see them. He recalls and thinks they are Sangram’s goons. He runs to Pragya and says God sent goons. They hear goon talking about taking Pandit to solemnized Sangram and Disha’s marriage. Abhi tells pragya that the goons were Sangram goons. Pragya asks how did he know?

Abhi tells that when they tied me and you have saved me. Pragya thinks he is talking about Munni. She says we shall sit in their car. Abhi says I know how to drive and will drive the car. He asks her to be silent. They argue. They see goons asking Pandit to come with them and take all the stuff needed in marriage. Abhi says he is feeling cold and tells that they shall push the car for some distance and then drive it. Pragya says how can I push the jeep. Abhi asks her to use her energy in pushing the jeep. They push the jeep and sit inside. Abhi asks her to tell the address. Pragya says she forgot. She recalls Disha telling her that goons might have taken Purab to Sangram’s old house. She tells Abhi. They leave.

Sangram beats Purab and asks Disha to agree for marriage. He takes a rod and tells Purab that he has to kill Purab to convince Disha. Disha shouts. Sangram asks her to agree else he will kill purab. He says I know you hates me and loves Purab and asks her to show love towards him. He says life will go away from Purab’s body. Sangram hurts Purab. Disha asks him not to harm him. Purab asks her not to bend down infront of him and says nothing will happen to me. Sangram says you are making me angry and hurts him. Disha agrees to marry Sangram.

Abhi shows Sangram and Purab to Pragya. Pragya says so he is Sangram. Abhi says you are saying as if you saw him for first time. He says he will not leave him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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