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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th December 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Suwarna trying some jewelry. She sees Manish in mirror. He tells Dadi that he will be busy in meetings. He asks her to do tilak to his files. He gets a call and says what, meeting is cancelled, why. Naira sees Kartik and gets glad. Akhilesh says there won’t be any meeting tonight. Naira praises Kartik for cancelling all meetings. Kartik praises her. They smile. Naira signs Suwarna.

Suwarna asks the man to show a blue color saree, her husband likes blue color saree on her. Kirti says we are going for shopping, Kartik and Naira will meet us there. Naksh finds Bhabhimaa unwell and asks Kirti to go, Bhabhimaa looks unwell and she may need him. He says everyone else is there, they can call us if they need help. He says sorry, I can’t come. He gives her

keys and goes. Suwarna goes upstairs. She collides with Aryan and falls back. Manish holds her in arms. He asks Aryan why did he not hold Suwarna, she would have got much hurt. Aryan asks did she take care of me, anything would have happened to me, did she think for me, what happened to you, did your annoyance get over, your love is emerging, is this the preparation of anniversary party.

Manish goes. Naira says Manish is getting affected, even if he agrees or not. Kartik and Naira come to the market. She asks him to park car and come to the jewelry shop, Kirti is waiting for them. She goes. Kartik hears Raghav talking on phone about his love for Tina. Kartik sees Naira and Kirti coming. Naira goes to the other side and shows the jewelry. Kartik sees Raghav leaving. Naira asks Kartik to come fast. She says I was very fond of such jewelry, I used to wear such jewelry in Rishikesh. Kirti gets a call and goes. Naira asks Kartik to wear her wear the jewelry. He thinks who is that man, why is fate bringing him in front of me. Naira says life becomes beautiful when past meets the present. Raghav says not bad, Tina’s husband got suspicious.

Aryan talks to Lav and Kush and says I m inviting my friends, I will guest in rich people’s party for the first time. Dadi says don’t call anyone. Aryan asks why, because my friends aren’t rich. She says fine do what you want, this party is happening for Suwarna’s happiness, your self respect and anger ended. He says I m inviting my friends to introduce my dad. He says when its decided the honor of this family will be ruined, why will you get back. She goes. He says I won’t listen to anyone, I won’t leave this chance.

Kirti comes home and shows gifts to Naksh. He says I will first give milk to Bhabhimaa. She says you think I don’t care for Bhabhimaa, I went there for Kartik and Naira, you want me to sit here even now, let me go there. He says sorry, come. Naira takes her old avatar and talks to Kartik. He thinks of Raghav’s words. She says you also met Tina there, thanks for making me Naira from Tina, why are you so silent, did you not like the surprise. He says no, its good, but….I met Tina before and then you became Naira, I like you in every persona. They play their old selves. Music plays………….

She says I lived a life in Rishikesh, I have many memories. He thinks I know, even Rishikesh didn’t forget you, till I get sure about your well wishers, I won’t let anyone reach you. She shows him the party. Suwarna’s brother Akash calls Manish. Manish says I don’t want to talk. Akash says you didn’t tell me and kept my son in your house. Manish says Shubham is my son, he will stay with me. Akash says the world knows Kartik is your only son, Arpita used to tell me, you scolded the staff when Kartik lost a pencil, you even neglected Kirti and just thought for Kartik always. Manish says yes, so what do you mean.

Akash says Suwarna kept Shubham away so that no third person comes between you and your son, we all got affected of your obsession for your son. Manish says talk to your sister, she has done everything. He ends call. Naira and Kartik look on and pray that their plan works, they succeed in bringing Manish and Suwarna together. Its morning, Manish wakes up and sees white roses. Suwarna says I got white roses for you like every year, its anniversary of both of us, my hope will always remain mine, can you just forget your anger and think, can I hurt you, was I completely wrong?

Naira thanks Dadi for permitting for puja. Dadi says you are adamant to do party, why would I refuse for puja then. Naira says I also wish the best for this house. Dadi says there is less difference in bravery and stupidity, don’t you get scared. Naira says I get scared, but I have belief in myself, Lord and you all. Dadi says I won’t compromise with family’s happiness, but it won’t be happiness if it comes on the price of respect. She goes. Naira says I understand your helplessness.

Everyone comes for puja. Manish comes. He sees kids with Suwarna and sits beside. Naira signs kids to get up. Kids come to other side. Kartik and Naira smile.

Aryan says this woman should get punished for her sins. Kartik says shut up, don’t you dare to say anything bad about my mum. Suwarna cries and sees Kartik.

Update Credit to: Amena


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