Ek Deewana Tha

Ek Deewana The 19th December 2017 Episode Written Update

Mr. Bisht tells Sharanya to stop worrying. Think about your wedding now. Think about yourself, Vyom. We are a happy family after all! They share a family hug. He wipes the tears off his family members’ faces. He tells Sharanya she is his brave kid. She tells him that she has a Superhero. You haven’t let any problem come my way till date. He assures her he wont let it happen even today. You loved princess stories as a kid. I promised to give you one such story. I got you a Prince. Now I would need to bring Mata Rani to keep that life intact. Everything will be fine then. Shiv looks on from outside. Nawab starts barking at the window. Mr. Bisht comforts him. I will be back soon. You have to take care of your sister till I return. Nawab continues to bark.

Rajan is speaking to someone.

He finds out that Odhni is alive and is searching for clues against him. Rajan confirms the news and ends the call upset.

Mr. Bisht leaves for Devprayag. His wife tells him not to get angry if she will call him repeatedly. He nods and drives away. Nawab barks. Mr. Bisht says Ma I am coming to take you. Protect mine and Vyom’s family. Shiv is sitting right behind him.

Rajan beats Vidyut who shouts in pain. I am sorry Bhaiya. Rajan continues to beat him mercilessly. Odhni is alive! You lied to me! He continues hitting him. It is good that my men told me about her whereabouts or I wouldn’t have known about it when police would have locked me in jail! You would have enjoyed here. Vidyut says sorry again. I thought you wouldn’t know. Rajan says you know Rajan Bedi. I keep an eye on whosoever keeps an eye on me. My men are following on her closely. Vidyut asks for a chance. Rajan takes out a knife and aims it at him. Vidyut shouts.

Freddy tells Odhni they cannot stop this wedding. She asks him why. We have reports. He nods. Rajan’s fingerprints don’t match though. We don’t even know whose blood is on the cloth. She is sure it is of the ghost who is troubling Vyom and Sharanya. Who is the killer then?

Sharanya wakes up shouting Vyom’s name. She saw a bad dream. She looks at her window pointedly. Have you come to see if we are in pain or not? It is nothing like that. We are perfectly fine. I saved Vyom from you! You were doing this so Vyom hurts me and my family gets hurt? Nothing like that happened though. You lost as my family, Vyom and I are together whereas you are completely alone! You cannot harm me till the time my family is with me! She suddenly stops talking noticing Vyom pacing outside the window.

Vidyut says sorry to his brother. I wont do this ever again. this time I will kill her myself. Please spare me this time. Rajan cuts the ropes and sets him free. Find out who is with Odhni. What are they up to! Keep my faith intact. I don’t want any hindrance in Vyom’s wedding or I will kill you next time. Vidyut assures him it will be done. Rajan wonders who is keeping that knife and bloodied cloth safely till now. What do they want! Madhvi looks on.

Sharanya asks Vyom what he is doing here. I told you to stay at home. It is so cold here. Come. He gets teary eyed. I will never be able to forgive myself for what I did to you and everyone. She tells him he dint do anything. It was that spirit inside you. He nods. It was inside me but it was me outside. How did I let it take over me? How did I let it hurt you? Is his madness, revenge bigger than me? I promised Uncle Aunty that I will protect you from everything yet I did all this to you! She tells him not to think like that. He says I only told you I will never force my love on you whereas I only! She tells him to listen to her. It was that ghost. It is a supernatural power. I understand it would be difficult to fight with it but we will have to fight. We will fight together and defeat it.

Mr. Bisht reaches his home in Devprayag. Shiv follows him inside. Mr. Bisht smiles looking around the house as all the happy memories echo in his head. He finds the idol there. A letter is kept on the table lying next to it. Mr. Bisht cleans the idol. Shiv steps back. Durga Chalisa plays in the background. Mr. Bisht apologizes to Mata Rani. We had to leave hurriedly that day and couldn’t take you along. Don’t punish Sharanya and Vyom for my mistake. I am sure you will protect them.

Sharanya tells Vyom they cannot let it happen again. This holy thread will protect you from every bad thing. Nothing will happen to you. God is with us. Everything will be fine. He looks at her emotionally. I don’t know how to apologize to you but I am really scared. Will you make one promise to me? Can you only be mine starting from now till the end? Promise that I may or may not live you will only be mine as Vyom will be incomplete even after his death. Please promise me. Our love will be together even if we separate. She promises him and wipes his tears.

Mr. Bisht carries the idol in his arms and is about to leave when he notices the letter and a package kept nearby. He keeps the idol down as he looks at the package and the letter? Sharanya has mentioned to him that there is something which is bothering her. No one knows that I am in problem. I need your help. He reads the rest of it. When did Sharanya write this letter to me? Her life is in danger. I should go there right away!

Shayari – all my share of promises, all my wishes, all my demands bow down in front of you. There are stories of the distance between you and me. You don’t know who has come with a plot by giving it the name of love!

Precap: Shiv refuses to let anyone come between him and Sharanya. I wont let it happen. She is only mine! Odhni remarks that the spirit has started his blo*dy game. Mr. Bisht limps out of his way but then falls down. Shiv is standing near him.

Update Credit to: Pooja


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